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TV Review: CSI:NY – “People With Money”

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A woman runs across the Brooklyn Bridge, followed by a man. As he enters the frame, one can see rope over his shoulder. Rappelling gear is pulled out of a backpack. The two strip to their underwear, and they hook into a bungee cord. They see a man who calls to them, in need of help. When they come up, they see his bloody fingers. Time to call in the cops.

Det. Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) is enjoying the company of a female companion when his cell phone goes off. Not long afterwards, her phone goes off. This will be a busy night for both.

Across town, Det. Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes) is taking charge of the case until Taylor arrives. She is joined by Det. Don Flack (Eddie Cahill), back on the job after being caught in a bomb explosion (“Charge of This Post”). The victim is a man named Sam McFarland. Det. Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap) asks Flack how many phone numbers he got from his admirers. Three, he says.

A search for evidence uncovers lipstick on the man’s cheek along with an engagement ring found on the bridge itself. Could this be a case of a woman scorned?

In the midst of all this, Dr. Peyton Driscoll (Claire Forlani) from the medical examiner’s department shows up. Who is she? The same woman who Mac slept with hours before. Evidently, he has moved on from his wife’s death on 9/11 enough to become romantically involved again. This should get interesting….

In the meantime, Det. Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) and Dr. Sheldon Hawkes (Harper Hill) investigate another death. When they peer over the apartment balcony, Det. Jessica Angell (Emmanuelle Vangier), already on the scene. looks up to see them and proves she is more than capable of handling Messer’s smart mouth. Hawkes questions the woman who found the victim, and death had already occurred when SHE got there. Hawkes tells her he needs her fingerprints to eliminate them from those collected at the scene.

Mac and Flack talk to the girlfriend of their victim. She is with her father (Michael Nouri), who is overprotective. Mac suggests they might do better if left alone. This does not make Dad happy, but he leaves. She hadn’t seen Sam that evening, and wasn’t planning to. Mac asks her how long since she quit smoking, noticing the patch on her arm. She says it is to treat a spider bite. While the cops may not believe her, they cannot make an arrest without proof.

Dr. Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy) tells Hawkes his victim died of blunt force trauma, a serious blow to the head. There was grit on her stomach which yielded a tongue print. The two doctors figure out she used her stomach as a tequila glass. A design on her mouth is LSD from a blotter of paper.

Danny takes DNA and a fist print, which show he was telling the truth. Adam Ross (A.J. Benchley) ties the blood trail to a Adam Rome. Upon questioning, he says he is a private bodyguard as is another man. Between the two of them, the dead woman and her best friend are under close protection. Rome, too, was not the killer.

With me so far? It gets even more confusing when Peyton has to process a dead woman who died in the Hudson River before Stella and Mac started their case. The diagnosis is suicide by drowning. Hey, I reviewed this show all last season and I had problems following along myself.

Back at the lab, Lindsay tells Mac and Stella the girlfriend was telling the truth about the spider bite. The patch has components used in dynamite. With dynamite traces found at the crime scene, it should be an open-and-shut case. She is told to keep digging further, as the evidence is not solid.

Messer and Angell question the second body guard, who says his clients have free rein to tell him what they want and he is obligated to do it. Since the bar only sells martinis, the tequila shot occurred somewhere else.

Mac and Stella go to a strip club, where they find a pregnant stripper who tells them she is carrying McFarland’s baby. She turned down his proposal since he tried to give her a sizable check for walking away from him. She, too, denies any guilt.

Lindsay proves her correct when she examines the tie McFarland was wearing. In Mac’s office, she demonstrates the manner in which the tie was knotted was affectionate. What a delight to see Anna and Gary interact! With this scene, it reminded me they were both married, and happily. (Not that Gary minds the attention) Lucky ladies! Melina got to play on Gary Sinise’s chest when they investigated a murder of live-in livers (“Stealing Home”?). Where can I apply to be on Taylor’s team?

The first victim, Sam McFarland, died at the hands of the girfriend’s father. In a bizarre twist, Lancaster was upset McFarland would want to be with the woman he got pregnant. To add insult to injury, Lancaster wrote the $40,000 check to entice McFarland to marry his daughter. Mac made sure he was arrested, and he handled it personally.

Victim number 2 died at her home from a ill-landed punch by her best friend. The two private bodyguards were in attendance, and they provided the women with boxing gloves for a special match. Even though the death was an accident, nobody notified authorities. Danny believed his female suspect just hit her rival a little too hard, but he arrested her anyway.

Mac and Peyton meet in the office hallways after hours and decide they can be professional enough to work together and be involved off the clock.

What did I think? Overall, it was solid. A few notes, however. Gary Sinise is an attractive man, so it was a delight to see him in something other than his work suits. That being said, his last scene bothered me. Although I like his work as an actor, (and others have praised his longstanding habit of respect for cast and crew) the blocking was problematic. for this reason. Any person trained in the military has hands which are lethal weapons. So why would he reach and grab the wrist of his lady love? (yes, I know, fake, but….)

I’m impressed with one thing. Gary Sinise can kiss! And the actress playing his girlfriend looks to be a solid match. Speaking of, New York is well-known for being eclectic. Why in the world, though, would the powers that be cast someone who bears such a striking resemblance to Vanessa Ferlito both in appearance and attitude? Incidentally, Adam Ross needs a storyline all his own.

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  • Mac’s magic hands might be lethal weapons, but he can also use them for love.

  • Of course. his reaction to Danny in tears during “Run Silent Run Deep” proved that. For me, it was a visual thing and I reacted. Several members have a military background.

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