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TV Review CSI:NY “Live or Let Die”

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When someone has a medical emergency, seconds count.

As this episode opens, NYPD gets a radio call telling them a medical helicopter has been hijacked. Units scour the city. Det. Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) and Det. Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) find a man who is has been shot, yet clings to life. They figure out the man is the pilot, but the intern is nowhere to be found.

Det. Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and Dr. Sheldon Hawkes (Harper Hill) discover the intern dead on a scissor lift (the kind workers stand on when they are working on a billboard). Flack calls Taylor and asks if anything else was found. When Taylor says no, Flack tells him an Igloo Cooler with a liver harvested for transplant is now missing.

This kicks the team into high gear as they search for the missing organ. I was drawn into the fast paced storyline watching them scramble to locate the liver. It is a race against time, with a man’s life hanging in the balance.

At the morgue, Dr. Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy), the medical examiner, says the intern died of a gunshot wound which was clean and straight through. Massive internal bleeding caused death. The evidence team needs to find the bullet.

Danny and Mac track down the bullet lying in a grate. Danny, the epitome of tact, tries to get a man with a homemade fishing machine to simply hand over the gadget. When the man refuses, Mac flashes his badge and says “Please”. The tactic works. This was a nice moment, showing the difference between the two cops. While Danny is good, his abrasive methods are off-putting. Mac is far more sensitive, although he can be domineering if that’s what it takes.

At the precinct, Det. Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes) and Det. Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap) question a suspect in a woman’s death. They have his fingerprints on a business card, but little else. When shown a picture, the man clearly knows the woman, but leaves almost immediately.

Flack discovers the bullet came from a gun used in a robbery. Although the gun was not on the person arrested, she is in custody. Flack goes off to talk with her.

A fun moment was watching these two characters interact. She told Flack he had nice eyes, for which he thanked her. He doesn’t tell her whether or not he has a girlfriend, but promises to work out a deal if she helps the investigation. When she tries to determine if he is telling the truth, he says, “Would these eyes lie?” (and gorgeous green ones they are, too).

Based on what she says, Flack and Taylor go to the area where she says she tossed the gun. A man is outside the townhomes, and Mac recognizes him as the doctor whose patient needed the liver. The doctor notices the two cops, and takes off. Bad idea, since they place him under arrest.

In the lab, Danny lifts a piece of rubberized metal from the duct tape which bound the hands of the helicopter pilot. Some further work shows him that it comes from a Mercedes.

The doctor tells Mac his wife needed a liver, so he arranged for one to be stolen when it became available. Mac points out his wife being lower on the transplant list gave the couple time to spend together, and now she will have to die alone.

Lindsay finds out that the analysis of semen samples on the dead woman’s body indicates another man who met their victim in the alley the night she was killed. The person’s name, however, is a surprise: it was the rapist Aiden Burns had been trying to arrest a year ago .

This episode was appealing on many levels. Not only was there a story which dominated most of the show, the writers made sure I would watch again by tying a current murder case with a previous investigation. The flashbacks with Aiden were a nice touch. She was a part of the story without actually being part of the crime team. Danny and Flack make a good team, two New York cops who are professional with no small amount of edge. Hawkes is learning just what it takes to be an investigator.

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  • Nice review–made me want to catch this episode when it shows up again in reruns.

  • That may be a while. If the info on the Web is accurate, the next show is the season finale.

  • Canceled, and low ratings, because it too dark and gloomy(compared to original CSI)? I watched it at the start and it seemed that way, but I mostly stopped watching because I usually only watch one show in a franchise (CSI Las Vegas, original Law and Order, etc.)

  • Congrats! Your article has been placed on Advance.net

  • Congrats, Nancy.

  • Gordon-
    Season, not series finale. From what I have read, it will have a third season. This is a show which may be in reruns for a bit until the time is right for the end of Season 2 to be shown.

  • bjdubb

    Does anyone know the name of the CSI NY episode where the guy kidnapped a high school rich girl and brought her to her house and the girl’s sister was there with a room full of her friends taking a bunch of pills and then he takes the girl upstairs to the safe and nothing is in there and he shoots her and all the sisters friends in the back of the head. The one sisters gets away because she was in the kitchen getting some water