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TV Review CSI:NY “Cool Hunter”

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In an apartment building, a person takes a shower while another next door brushes his teeth. They are shocked when they notice the water turning red.

Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) goes to the top of the building and climbs into the water tower to find a woman’s body lying inside. With more than sixteen floors in the building, a water tower is required since not every building is part of the city sewer system.

Det. Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) arrives on scene and tells Mac that the victim is the building’s doorperson. Det. Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap) mentions that six deaths have taken place at the same apartment building, and that people say the building is “cursed”. Mac points out that this death is the seventh.

Roll opening credits.

In Washington Heights, Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes) and Dr. Sheldon Hawkes (Harper Hill) are called to the scene when a man is found dead next to a steel pole at a playground. Since Hawkes was the medical examiner before becoming part of the investigative team, he makes a primary diagnosis of strangulation. Now, would someone please explain how that obvious line got in when the man had a chain wrapped around his neck?

Dr. Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy) tells Mac that his victim died by drowning. Mac surmises that she was alive when she went into the tower.

Lindsay and Mac find glass at the crime scene, which is a clue to what happened. Since stained glass was on every floor of the building, she and Mac examine each pane until they find the one which has damage. The owner is a Dr. Craig Zimmer (Brian Bloom).

When Zimmer is reluctant to help in the investigation due to fatigue and illness, Mac says that he can take Zimmer to a place where he can rest for a long time. Zimmer, realizing the detective refers to a jail cell, leaves Mac and Lindsay alone to continue their search for evidence.

They find a briefcase full of morphine in the doctor’s closet. This is enough to make them suspicious, but it is not enough for an arrest.

Det. Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) returns to the playground where the murder took place. Nobody has said they saw or heard anything, but Danny has an idea. He interrupts a handball game and challenges one of the players to a new game. If the other guy wins, Danny takes the two patrol officers away from the crime scene and goes home. If Danny wins, however, his opponent gives up “a little information”. After three rounds, Danny has won. The other guy admits to seeing the victim and someone else fighting earlier before the victim died. Although the person is questioned, it’s not enough to take further action.

The man who was strangled died at the hands of a business competitor.

By playing a hunch, Lindsay found the connection between the doorperson’s death and another death in the same building. She found the newspaper archives of all the people who had died at the same apartment building. After reviewing DNA evidence, she discovered that two were mother and daughter.

The woman’s death was a suicide, set up to look like murder. She had watched her daughter die a few years earlier after her daughter needed medical attention on the rooftop. Zimmer tried to help, only to fail when he punctured her lung while attempting CPR. He was high on morphine at the time. When Flack tells Zimmer what really happened to the doorperson, he also says that he called the medical board about the doctor’s addiction. It is time, Flack says, for the doctor to get some much needed help.

What was my favorite part? Lindsay gives “payback” to Danny for making a bet with Mac to see if she would eat a deep fried spider (“Fare Game”). When she wanted to see if the doctor had made footprints on the roof, she had Danny carry her across in his arms while she held a barbell to make her weight an exact match for the doorperson. These two have made a connection before (“Valley of the Dolls”, “Stuck on You”) but have yet to go any further than being professional colleagues. Will they ever make the transition? Watch and find out…

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  • Scott Butki

    I have been watching CSI – yeah the original one,how boring is that? – lately. I’m renting the first two seasons for free from my library. They have the Miami ones too.

    So let me ask you what you like better about CSI NY compared to the Miami and Vegas ones.

    It’s hard enough catching up with one series, let alone three.

    I mean that’s a major commitment!

  • Tell me about it. I used to try and review Miami plus NY plus another show. Didn’t work. Why do I like this show? Gary Sinise. Solid cast and strong storylines. They are realistic to what cops are like. One of the actors actually has family in NYPD, so in theory, no need for for a tech consult.

  • Scott Butki

    Oh, Sinise? I forgot that he was on that one. That’s a good reason to watch it.