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TV Review CSI:NY – “All Access”

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New York City is the “city that never sleeps.” With Madison Square Garden as one of this city’s biggest attractions, there is always a concert going on.

One of the best ways to draw in viewers is to have a top name celebrity as a guest star. So, will Kid Rock do? As he is onstage, a young woman gets a call on her cell phone. She goes out into the alleyway and finds a dead man in a limousine.

When Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap) arrive, they begin collecting evidence. Mac finds a CD by Harry Belafonte. When they go backstage, Lindsay flashes her badge and they are quickly invited to the party. Kid Rock’s manager says the dead man is Kid’s limo driver, but it’s a different person from the one he normally uses.

Mac overhears a radio call for officers to respond to a disturbance. It’s clear from his facial expression he recognizes the address. Mac and Detective Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) get to the apartment. They call out “NYPD!” but nobody answers. A man lies on the floor, dead. Flack recognises him as Frankie, the boyfriend of Detective. Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes). She is unconscious and badly beaten.

Mac tells Stella he is going to let Flack question her, but she can’t remember much. Stella gives Mac permission to search her apartment.

Back at the precinct, Detective Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) and Lindsay discuss what has happened to their colleague and friend. Lindsay makes a revealing statement, “I know how it happens.” Danny senses there is more to this story than she is telling him. He asks if she is okay.

This is the second time Detective Monroe has said something which lets viewers know there is something laying underneath the surface of this CSI newbie. She once told Danny she has seen much worse when the team was trying to arrest a serial killer in “Manhattan Manhunt.” When she first came, she was replacing a fired CSI member. But her back-story has not gone much further than that. Is this a hint to stay tuned?

For all his edges, Danny is good at people! He could not let a remark of vulnerability pass by without inquiring as to the state of mental health. After seeing his brother attacked by gang members in “Run Silent Run Deep,” Danny understands carrying one serious burden. All this interaction needed was for Lindsay to cry on Danny’s shoulder. She didn’t, but this could be an interesting twist of fate.

Danny and Lindsay find hair on the limo driver’s clothing. They discover it belongs to a kinkajou, although Danny doesn’t believe Kid Rock would own one.

Dr. Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy) and Dr. Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper), the present and former medical examiners, find Frankie had been shot three times, the third lethal. A ballistics test confirms Stella shot him. But why?

Flack is back in the hospital room. Stella gives up the bits and pieces she does know. Frankie was waiting in the garage when she left work, having followed her. He wondered why she did not return his phone calls. She said she was busy and she knows about his filming of them having sex and putting it on the Internet. She promptly breaks up with him.

When she got home, Frankie was waiting. How did he get in? Stella thought he might have kicked in her door. Flack says no, that was him. He thinks that since Frankie was a sculptor, he made a duplicate key.

Since this is not the only case for the CSI:NY team, Danny and Lindsay talk to the man who runs the agency for celebrity drivers. He said each one had a private driver. The owner says a driver was recently fired.

Back in the interrogation room, Danny and Lindsay confront the fired limo driver. Yes, he was there. He argued with Kid Rock after the show, but only trying to get his job back.

Lindsay tells him evidence points to him. She marches out of the room. Danny goes after her. When he catches up, he says Mac has Stella’s case well in hand and he will let them know if he needs them. Lindsay just wishes there were something she could do. Danny says the best thing they can do is work their own case. What he doesn’t say is Mac is going to do everything he can to make sure Stella doesn’t lose her job. He doesn’t have to.

The Belafonte CD is actually a master recording of Kid Rock’s latest single. They surmise the driver was burning a copy, although that would have been copyright infringement.

Mac and Lindsay return to the concert site. Kid Rock says yes, he told the driver to get the single on the Net for a pre-release to fans. Lindsay finds blood on Kid’s jacket. He tells Mac he is not responsible for the death. Mac asks if he knows how many guilty people say that.

There is a CD in Kid’s jacket pocket with a phone number on it. The cover art matches what was found in the limo. Danny and Lindsay find the maker of the CD. The limo driver promised her a backstage pass if she would have sex with him. When she did, he refused to give her anything. She rooted around in the glove compartment, found a gun and waved it, meaning to scare the limo driver. The gun went off.

Flack gets Stella to continue her story. When he notices her hands are shaking, he asks if she wants a break. She says no, but cannot say why there are cuts on her fingers. This is the best person to talk to Stella. Mac is too emotionally involved to be objective.

Frankie was more than a little upset over the breakup over “a website.” Forget the fact he did not tell Stella beforehand and did not keep the tapes to himself. Granted, Stella is a beautiful woman, but still. This was not done out of love or even respect.

According to Frankie, Stella needed to be taught “a thing or two about crime scenes.” So what does he do? He ties her up and beats her to within an inch of her life. When he put her in the tub, she cut her ropes with a razor blade and waited for an opportune moment. She then runs for her Glock. After killing Frankie, she collapsed where Mac found her.

Flack tells her Internal Affairs, the police procedure watchdogs, have turned over their report and she was a “clean shot.” I’m guessing, but I think that means evidence points to her using force as a means of self-defense. She will remain on the force. Frankie’s behavior was extreme and she had to shoot him or he would have killed her. Stella gives Flack a hug, and thanks him both for his friendship and dedication.

After being discharged, Stella tells Mac she cannot just sit and do nothing. Mac thinks about it, but says no. Good move. Stella was hurt, and more than physically. She needs time to recover from her wounds, but even more important, her wounded heart. Mac offers to take Stella to any hotel she wishes, but she wants to go home. When she arrives, there is still blood in a couple of places. She packs a bag to leave.

Fade out.

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