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TV Review: CSI: NY – “The Box”

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Decisions. Some are good, others not so much. However, the result of either is the same. One has to live with consequences. For Det. Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo), it's knowing he cheated on his girlfriend even though there may have been doubts at to whether they should have gotten together. Det. Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap) has a different situation. She's pregnant, but having Danny as the father doesn't help.

For once the writers tied a subplot in with the main storyline. I do have to ask what possessed the people in charge of promos to have Lindsay telling Danny about the baby before the episode aired? Anyone who saw might not have bothered to watch, since this was more or less the crux of things. Speaking of watching, by the way, CBS has far too many commercials and network promos during this time slot. By the time final commercials air, promos for the next week aren't aired by the time local news starts.

Danny is this show's heart, so Giovinazzo's struggle with the enormity of his relationship was solid. One would think a crime scene expert might have gotten the picture sooner, but perhaps that should be best left to Hawkes (Hill Harper) or Sid (Robert Joy). What are the first words out of Danny's mouth once he learns the truth? "Are you sure?" Ouch! Lindsay must show him the test results so he believes her.

Mac (Gary Sinise) was less of a presence this episode, but the final interrogation scene puts all in perspective. A pregnant teenager makes a choice which makes sense only to her. This leads to one desperate act after another, but Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) and Flack (Eddie Cahill) step in before one tragedy gets worse. People get arrested, but the writers surprised me. Wasn't the real culprit more worthy of Mac's intervention? I'm not discounting the seriousness of what happened, but sometimes there are more appropriate sentences than jail. An interesting dialogue could have taken place.

Next question, what will Lindsay and Danny do now? The fact she told Danny rather than handle things on her own tells me something. Still, I know not to try and second guess a script. With this show, anything can happen and does.

CSI: NY will take a small break until December 10. In 2009, viewers should know the fate of Adam Ross (AJ Buckley). Yes, he had a month left on his contract. The finagling Mac and Stella did bought him a little more time. Although nobody said whether the budget shortfall was fully received, Mac can always let the other fired techs go. Or, he could talk to his new boss, Gillian (Julia Ormond).

Compared to other women in his life, the potential romance has a decent chance at blossoming. Power meets brains — just what the battle-hardened former Marine needs. Crime may be the main focus, but a glimpse every so often into the personal lives of characters helps viewers return each week for a fresh episode.

There is much more to come down the pike for this show, and two additional episodes will be shown during December. After that, viewers will more than likely have to wait until 2009 for the rest of the season. How can I be so sure? Christmas Eve falls on a Wednesday.

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  • Lee

    ….huh? Julia Ormond wasn’t in episode 509… or is the review for episode 508? I’m confused.. maybe I didn’t get enough sleep to completely understand the review.

  • Julia Ormond made an appearance in the 100th episode where all guest stars were named Mac Taylor. My point was that the crime lab head’s world is changing, just like Danny’s has now been.

  • Lee

    I’m sorry.. you’ll have to understand my confusion on this. It seemed like the review jumped around a bit, I couldn’t tell if we were still talking about the same episode

  • piep

    Actually,it has been confirmed on several occasions in interviews and in the episode by Danny himself that at the time he was with rikki they were on a break.
    So,with due respect he wasn`t cheating on Lindsay.

  • Sam

    With due respect, to the person above me, Danny never said in the episode that they were on a break,he said what happened with Rikki was him “Messing up”. And that he and Lindsay had got back together. He never stated when they had broken up, before or after Rikki.

    And in regards to interviews. Carmine said in his mind Danny didnt cheat. It all depends on how you see relationships as to whether you think Danny cheated or not. There is no denying they were together on some level, its the seriousness of that relationship thats not exactly clear.

  • piep

    Actually,not only Carmine has said that Danny didn`t cheat.
    Peter lenkov and Pam Veasey both have said that when Danny was with Rikki,D/L were in a cooling fase,so technically he didn`t cheat.
    As far as the D/L relationship,it was never confirmed on screen,so therefore they weren`t in a relationship in canon.
    They had sex on a pooltable but if that is the same as a serious relationship,then Rikki has more rights cause they actually had sex in a bed

  • Interesting conversation! Rikki is due for a return sometime this season. When is anybody’s guess. Doubt Lindsay would see time with Rikki as a ‘technical’ okay. However, this is going to be the storyline to watch.

  • Sam

    Its been confirmed by Exec Prodcer Peter Lenkov that TPTB have no plans for Rikki to return.

    From TV.Guide.com.

    “It was back in July that I first reported that CSI NY’s Rikki would be returning for several episodes, and extensively to destable the ever shaky Danny/Lindsay romance. So where is she? In recent weeks sources were telling me that the interloper’s arrival, originally slated for early this season simply had been pushed back so that the writers instead could hit hard the reveal of Lindsay’s pregnancy. Well this just in, Executive Producer Peter Lenkov now tells me the show has no plans to bring Rikki back.”

    *spoiler removed from quote*

  • Lee

    Just to comment on the cheating subject — I really believe it depends on how each character viewed the relationship. Obviously, there are some people who believe Danny and Lindsay were in a relationship, and people who do not. The last thing we saw regarding the two on screen before the Rikki drama was Snow Day, where the two were having sex. Going by your ‘canon’ rules, it was never confirmed Danny and Lindsay were not in a relationship at that moment. The quote from Carmine regarding whether or not Danny cheated was given from the perspective of a single man. I am neither single, nor male, and from my perspective, I’d say it was cheating. However, I feel as though this is an issue that will never be completely resolved for anyone.

    I just heard Rikki won’t return — oh thank god! I know the show is a drama, but I think there’s a point of going overboard with the drama, and bringing Rikki back would be going overboard, in my opinion.

  • Sam


    In this past episode Danny classsed what he did with Rikki as “messing up”. Tell me if Danny and Lindsay were not together like you claim, what did he mess up exactly?

    Carmine was stating his opinion, an opinion as a young single man. He never said that Danny and Lindsay were not together at all, just that it was never defined on the show, therefore he didnt see their relationship as overly serious.

    He basically tells us in his next answer that Danny and Lindsay were together on some level.

    “If you’re with somebody, if you care about somebody, if they’re in that kind of situation with somebody else, whether they go all the way or they have some sort of intimate relationship, I think you get a feel.”

    And in regards to Pam Veasey, as far as I know she has never commented on whether Danny cheated or not. If you have seen something I havent please share.

    Peter Lenkov said

    “The relationship had cooled by the time Danny hooked up with Rikki, but like all relationships, it had its up and downs, and it was during that down period that Danny and Rikki connected.”

    Cooled is a little different to gone cold, gone cold would suggest they werent together, cooled certainly doesnt, just means their relationship wasnt as intense, makes sense if it was in a down period.

    And Nancy, I agree the Danny/Lindsay storyline is the one to watch this season.

  • I can say with certainty D/L will be in this week’s episode. The one on the 17th? Perhaps, but it might cool until Jan. when holiday hiatus is over.

  • Lee

    Boy were D/L in this week episode! I can’t wait to read your review of 510, “The Tringle”