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TV Review: CSI: NY – “Second Chances”

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Considering that it's the middle of December, most television shows are wrapping up for the year if they haven't already. Some are strictly meant for summertime when reruns abound and a reality show simply won't satisfy. Others split the season so as to not be lost amid premieres and finales of strong fan favorites. How? They stop right before Emmy week and come back mid-winter winter to finish the handful of episodes left.

CSI: NY is perhaps the last show to start mid-September right after the Emmys air and go practically straight through until stopping for the rush of holiday programming and football games which promptly toss it off the air. Usually, there are special bonuses thrown in to ensure a viewing audience.

In this episode, big name guest stars got added to the mix. Kim Kardashian is just as well known for her reality show as for being related to an Olympic athlete. Vanessa Minnillo's claim to fame is for doing segments for Entertainment Tonight. These two ladies took on the assignment of possibly being connected to a case of an addict who overdosed.

So why would Mac (Gary Sinise) and the forensic team get involved? They have to. Anytime a suspicious death occurs, law requires an investigation as well as an autopsy, just in case things are not quite what they appear at first. Flack (Eddie Cahill) is along for the ride to supply some additional help. Good thing, since Adam (AJ Buckley) does not appear in the episode at all.

Sarah Carter is also not around, which means the question of whether Haylen ends up with the FBI will be solved in 2010. Should she go, the issue of who to keep on at the end of the year is a rhetorical one. Adam has the lab all to himself. However, I also have to admit I'm fond of the woman. From the get-go, Haylen has proved herself strong, capable, and sassy. She knows how to be part of the team, and doesn't need to be the star.

The ending contains a twist with something akin to shock value. Was it great? It depends. Part of my issue with how things play out is having a good idea where the plot is going long before the final scene with the guilty culprit. Here's a small hint — this person practically sticks out a hand and says hello. A scene with Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) and Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) clarifies exactly who, as long as one is paying close attention.

Flack is apparently back to his old self. I'm guessing the warehouse incident ("Pay Up") is chalked up to an all out assault on the no-goodniks, and so no cop is charged who fires a weapon. Danny probably could have some suspicions, since he charges down after Flack does his dirty deed. Then again, this is television. One is required to suspend disbelief from time to time.

The live music from the group Train is a delightful touch. It's worth watching the episode again just for that.

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  • Drew

    If you are going to post a review, please talk about the episode for more then a few paragraphs. Instead of just random stuff that doesn’t matter.

    For example why bring up Sarah Carter? She sucked; they hopefully got rid of her, end of story! Why bring her up?