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TV Review: CSI: NY – “Sanguine Love”

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The NYPD crime team is well used to the odd and unusual. After all, they live in a place where people congregate from all walks of life. Add to that a place so big it needs several boroughs to manage itself, and strange things are bound to happen at one point or another.

The latest dead body falls into this category. A woman is killed in Central Park during the peak of winter. Snow not only obliterates evidence, there is not exactly a tried and true method of telling exactly how long she's been dead. However, not all is lost. Some good, old fashioned detective work produces a camera which might help. Det. Danny Messer (Camine Giovinazzo) is able to develop the photos, but the quality isn't great considering the exposure to the elements.

Giovinazzo wrote this episode, and managed to rescue it from being humdrum by throwing in a vampire angle. While not quite the Dracula theme, there is a uniqueness about it from the aspect of having to explain what is not understood. Carlos Rota, guest starring as Joseph, does a nice job of emphasizing different. The interrogation scene between Rota and Gary Sinise is understated raw power. They click as men on opposite sides.

The chemistry between Messer and Det. Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) has always been solid, especially when it comes to sharing some moments of comic relief. Both bring the snark to what would otherwise be a too dark and gritty show. Checking out the victim's apartment provides some cute scenes.

Dr. Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy) is known for his medical expertise, but also an esoteric knowledge about all sorts of stuff. Watching him explain to Mac just what the vampire angle means is a delightful touch.

There's no more talk of Danny's missing ID. It was stolen during an acupuncture session for his problematic back ("Criminal Justice"). The obvious choices as to who the culprit might be are the acupuncture employees, since they would have direct access to the locker where Danny left the thing. Other potential suspects are anybody else who has an appointment around the same time, or it was a team effort — someone who works there along with a second person who gets notified when Danny has his session and can enter the building to snatch up the badge. Mac has yet to find out about the disappearance, but he should launch a full scale investigation when he does.

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  • Sam

    I used to love CSI NY…..where or where is Melina Kanakaredes?????? The show is not the same…Sela Ward does not work well with the rest of the actors who are the best and work well together…very difficult to watch now…