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TV Review: CSI: NY – “No Good Deed”

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In the world of crime, CSI:NY has a few things going for it. Not only do viewers enjoy seeing good guys catch the bad, but they have a fascination to understand how the job is done. Writers make characters such that it is simple to get people drawn into their make believe world. Hold off skepticism for an hour, and let both mind and body be taken for a thrill ride.

This week is a study of characters. Forget about the lead case, the main action is elsewhere. Ella McBride, whose father was killed by her mother long ago ("Dead Inside") returns to the crime lab department head's life. Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) recounts to Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes) about the phone call he has got from Ella McBride. These two got to know each other during a case ("Dead Inside"), but Mac has seen her a few times since then ("Forbidden Fruit"). After she slashed here wrists, she called him. He pretty much has no choice but to get to the closest hospital, and quick. I don't think he would have given her his cell phone number, but I can see her grabbing a business card out of his office.

Before Mac can continue, a vulture flies overhead with a delivery for Stella's coffee. Fortunately, it isn't what one expects. It's an eyeball, and it alerts me and every other viewer that the case is going to be odd. Illegal immigration is at the tip of the iceberg on this one.

Sid (Robert Joy) gets to do a virtual autopsy after only getting a few body parts to examine. Technology has played a large part in solving crimes, and the coolness factor increases during times like these.

Casey LaBow, who plays Ella, and Sinise walk a fine line between sympathy for Ella's situation and a reminder of how manipulative this girl can be. There has always been a fatherly instinct by Mac towards those who work for him, which makes sense. He's in charge of the team, and police work brings people together like family. While there's nothing wrong with caring about someone, overlooking the past is out of the question.

Kanakaredes recognizes the conflict Sinise faces in handling a crisis he never asked for. By recounting the time Ella manufactured evidence ("Forbidden Fruit"), Kanakaredes shows Mac that a pretty face is not an excuse for bad behavior. Everything comes down to the evidence, which never lies, even in extreme circumstances.

I get the impression Ella deliberately hurt herself just to attract Mac's attention. Any romance is out of the question – the age difference is too significant. Besides, Mac has never encouraged her in the slightest. Stella doesn't want to see a good friend be taken over by emotions. This is ironic coming from the one person on the team who runs the risk of letting her heart rule over her head.

Eddie Cahill and Carmine Giovinazzo team up again, and their their friendship permeates  the screen. I can readily believe they are close off set. It just makes sense Danny and Flack would walk into a wrestling match to find a guy with horns on his head. No, I'm not kidding. Anyone with those locks should have a permit to carry unconcealed weapons.

LaBow is probably not yet finished her stint yet, which means she will continue to drag Mac through the sludge of her life until he finally wises up. Since the next original episode is not until March 11, common sense just might have a chance. 

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  • Tracy

    I think it would be helpful if you didn’t mix up the actors’ names with the characters’ names. Melina Kanakaredes did show Gary Sinese anything. Stella showed Mac. The actors play the characters, they aren’t actually the character.

  • Tracy

    That should be Melina Kanakaredes did not show Gary Sinese anything.

  • Tiz

    Oh these “reviews” are getting painfully bad.

  • Thank you for the constructive criticism. Btw, it’s Sinise.

  • Tracy

    Your need to correct my typo when you can’t differentiate between a character and an actor is greatly appreciated. [/sarcasm]