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TV Review: CSI: NY – “Hammer Down”

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This week's episode is a bit different than what viewers have mostly seen for over six seasons. Rather than a storyline all to itself, it is the second part of a trilogy involving all three CSI crime procedural dramas. From Miami to New York to Vegas, the move is most likely intended to increase rating for all three shows during November sweeps. Does it work? Well, almost.

To help you understand, the premise is a missing persons case of a young girl named Ashley Tanner. Although the ending does not turn out well for her, a trail opens up toward Madelyn Briggs, whose abduction takes Vegas CSI Ray Langston (Lawrence Fishburne) from the meeting of Lt. Horatio Caine (David Caruso), MDPD's crime lab head to Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise). Ordinarily, an abduction across state lines would mean the involvement of a federal agency, say, the FBI. This being television, though, the concept is set aside by writers. Fair enough.

Mac and his team get involved after a semi makes a sandwich with a car. Three guesses as to who won. Flack (Eddie Cahill) gets the plate, and realizes the driver is Casey Steele, a man with a criminal record. Steele leaves before the cops arrive, but evidence is left behind — a corpse. The circumstances are a little gritty, so I'll let you watch to find out details. However, the steel drum is a nice touch, if only because it's something different from the typical scene Taylor usually gets into.

A video phone call from Langston soon gets Mac up to speed on just how critical the situation is. More than one missing person is involved, and there have been two victims found dead already. Mac quickly understands he will see Langston on his turf within a short period of time.

My favorite bit of camera work is the shot of the chopper bringing Langston to his meeting place where Mac awaits. It's just so typical New york, the 'eye in the sky' where criminals cannot escape. While the location was never stated outright, my guess would be a drop-off at Riker's Island.

Considering the episode aired on Veteran's Day, CSI: NY pays homage by Langston mentioning his dad is a veteran. He has done his homework, and knows Mac is one, too.

Sinise and Fishburne are two experienced pros when it comes to acting. That being said, I'm not entirely sure they have the chemistry needed to share screen time together. Are they terrible? Hardly. Still, somehow, it doesn't seem to quite work.

Hawkes (Hill Harper) gets more screen time than usual when he confronts a doctor about how the Hippocratic oath works. Okay, he has a badge. I realize the need for one just in case he runs into trouble. This does not make him a cop, though. Both he and Flack seem to lose their smarts upon chasing down Steele. The guy gets on a rooftop, and Hawkes cannot figure out where he went? Yikes! The door behind him is in clear sight. Flack should be able to see it from where he is easily.

CSI:Crime Scene Investigation has the last installment of this, but somehow, I believe Mac is not likely to get a plane ticket to Nevada. He has no reason to, since the abductions never started in New York.

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  • Considering they took Angell out, chances are none of the regulars (those in opening credits) are leaving anytime soon. Skeet Ulrich returns tonight, so the show COULD suffer another loss. Take that with a grain of salt. Adam may not be around next season the way the plots are going, but we’ll see.

  • Jo

    Sorry Nancy, but as great as your reviews are, I am going to side with Maddy and Grace. Cahill is the shows strongest and most underappreciated actor. Somewhere there is an Emmy with his name on it!

    P.S: Can’t wait to read what you say about the next episode!

  • Grace

    Normally I would answer ether Sinise or Giovinazzo. But both actors have disappointed me lately. As Nancy (love your reviews by the way) stated above me; Sinise just comes of as ether two strong, too wooden or too extreme. Giovinazzo’s character has gone from a troubled and conflicted CSI to an immature and pathetic loser who shouldn’t have a job.

    Sorry Nancy. But as much as I love your reviews, I would have to agree with Maddy. Cahill is the most under rated actor on the show. Heck I sometimes wish the show was more about his character then Sinise’s!

  • Kinda leaning towards Joy. As good as Sinise is, comes on too strong at times for me.

  • Maddy

    Cahill hands down. He seems to try hard to create a character who is strong, witty, mature, sympathetic and most of all likeable in every scene he is in.

    Unlike his co-stars; Harper, Belknap and Giovinazzo. Don’t get me wrong, there decent actors, but there characters are sometimes more annoying then likeable.

  • Jo

    Unlike everyone else that has commented, I really like your reviews. Keep up the great work!

    Out of Curiosity; after seeing these past few seasons, who do you (Or anyone else who would like to comment) believe is the most talented actor/actress in CSI:NY?

    Remember, you can only choose one.

  • Rachel

    Sorry typo, I missed an “a” in mean.

  • Rachel

    I don’t men to be so critical but….

    The sentence “Both he and Flack seem to lose their smarts upon chasing down Steele.” Is very unnecessary since Flack did everything right. As Annie has stated; Flack was injured, it wasn’t serious, but it did leave him disoriented. So he at least has an excuse for coming up empty handed.

    But you’re right about Hawkes. He should have seen the door. He suffered no injury and no trauma so he doesn’t have a proper excuse like Flack has. Even if he was in a little bit of shock, he should have seen Steele escape through the door. Since it was practically in front of him.

  • I think you meant Hawkes. HE climbed the ladder and got kicked off. The door was huge and steel. Easy to spot.

  • Annie

    Great review! But did you ever think that after a blow to the head Flack might be little disoriented? Therefore unable to see where Steele went?