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TV Review: CSI: NY – “Flag on the Play”

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Just about anything and everything that can happen will happen in the Big Apple. Guaranteed. The Lingerie Girls are pretty much what they sound like — they wear skimpy uniforms while playing a version of flag football. Think arena football, only in undies. A big win by the New York team calls for a celebration. There's only one problem. Some poor woman finds a dead lady in the hot tub. Oops! Time to get Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and his evidence team in on the action.

Although it's not very common for Dr. Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy) to be at an actual crime scene instead of the morgue, his expertise as a medical examiner is still valuable. Being underwater hardly helps in a visual autopsy, but more will be known after the victim can be examined more closely. Sid later tells Mac the cause of death is not drowning, as one might suspect first. Rather, it's suffocation.

Robert Joy is quietly compelling this week. He usually has some of the best lines for putting a smile on one's face. Put a bit of a harder edge on, and he could be Eddie Cahill. Joy shows his range as he turns on the quiet desperation in the midst of empathy.

There are actually two victims by the time the episode ends, are both are young enough to be Sid's daughter. Mac gets to hear the pain as Sid recalls how he didn't quite give a mother the attention she needed about the death of her child. He thinks if he had, maybe victim number two would still be alive.

Mac and Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) have to move fast to get the case solved. The guilty party is unexpected, which makes the buildup to the arrest quite satisfying indeed.

On the other hand, Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) is having much bigger problems. Someone steals his wallet while he undergoes acupuncture for a back strain ("Criminal Justice"). Worse yet, his badge and grandfather's dog tag are missing too. Yikes! As Flack (Eddie Cahill) points out, somebody could be running around posing as a cop. At least Danny's gun is in his own possession.

Cahill and Giovinazzo have always had perfect chemistry. Watching their intensity as they both realize just how serious the scene is shows just how good these two can be. I have to imagine Mac will go into seriously annoyed mode once he finds out Danny didn't report the theft when it happened.

The last moments before the fadeout are stunning. Why? Let's just say a certain forensic test is problematic. AFIS, the database which links fingerprints to people with felony convictions, has a match. What's jaw-dropping is who those prints belong to. Keep watching to find out more.

Due to the upcoming State of the Union address, CSI: NY is going on a short hiatus. The next episode will air on February 3.

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