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TV Review: CSI: NY – “Death House”

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One would think in a place like New York there would be more than enough crime scenes on a regular basis that those who make their professions in law enforcement would not get bored. Yes, crimes might just be a bit similar. However, every person is different and so methods as well as motives are unique.

Nobody knows this better than those who work with a specialty in forensics. They see all manner of death every day, and tend to be surprised on a regular basis. No wonder the field is so popular.

After a 911 call comes in, Det. Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) calls for Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and crew when he discovers a body. This particular version is mummified, meaning long dead. I assume Flack does not believe his victim died due to a suicide. While there may not be natural causes, the corpse is not a victim of foul play, either. Plus, Flack is an experienced cop. He is well trained in how to recognize when a death needs to be looked into.

First things first. Dr. Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy) has to perform an autopsy to confirm method and manner of death. This is standard procedure, just in case. The cause? Sharp force trauma, meaning impaled as opposed to hit over the head with something solid. It helps when Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) is able to use technology to reconstruct the face and get an ID. Unfortunately, the guy has been dead for decades. More than likely, whoever killed the guy is deceased as well.

I have to say, this storyline sounds a little lacking when it comes to episode strength. Isn't part of the CSI concept to catch the killer? Having the detective in a room with the prime suspect makes for fascinating television. One gets to hear the motive, even it does not appear to make much sense. Yes, the holidays mean viewers have other things to choose from than regular programming. However, a repeat is better than a so-so episode.

The strange goings-on of the house as the main focus does not help much. Halloween might have been a better time to air this week's episode. Naturally, trouble is around the corner.  But the threat level should equal the strength of the show.

This being said, there is one redeeming factor. Adam (AJ Buckley) hears news about a potential team member leaving. Hayden Becall, so wonderfully played by Sarah Carter, is being considered for a position by the FBI. Obviously, the question of how to pay a salary to both of them for a new year is solved. Or is it? Adam is around now only because his coworkers gave their paid vacation time up so he could stay a good while back. Mac still has to come up with the funding at some point.

Are the death of Angell and the firing of Aidan the only cast changes? Losing one member a week puts the show quickly out of commission, I get it. But it seems to me that there are other people who are not really serving a purpose in the ensemble. Julia Ormond, for instance. Deputy Inspector Whitford has long been gone. She could easily have her position transferred elsewhere. Mykelti Williamson is strong as Sinclair. He, too, could go as a result of a transfer or perhaps a promotion.

A little over half of the season remains before the finale in May. Some of the biggest storylines are yet to come. Tune in Wednesdays at 10pm to see just how things will unfold.

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  • JHLazarus

    My problem with this episode is that if this were to really happen the cops would never put themselves in a position to get trapped like the one cop did in the crushing room. When they discovered where the water tank was why didn’t they just drill another hole at the bottom of the tank and drain it? The woman would have been trapped but at least not drowning and dying of hypothermia while they try and solve a riddle.

  • True.

  • Marvin

    Are you joking? Adam was not the redeeming factor in this episode! Adam was extremely annoying and beyond stupid. Watching Adam running around worrying about Hayden getting a job with the FBI was beyond stupid and did nothing for this episode. And for that matter, why would the FBI be interested in a crime scene clean up girl who just started working for a few months as a CSI?

    This whole episode was just one huge plot hole!

  • Grace

    How the heck do you call watching a grown man whine like stupid baby a redeeming factor?

  • Abigail :)

    This episode was so amazing throughout the entire thing but once you got to the end it sorta left you hanging? Like there were other options and things that needed to be solved. and yes Adam freaking out about someone leaving was completly random and i think was just a way to throw you off track. I absolutly loved the sets:) amazing! Although, the ending of this episode left me with questions its gotta be my favorite episode of csi! (not just NY, but all of CSI.) 😀 9 stars lol