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TV Review: Chuck – “Chuck Versus the Predator”

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Ever since Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) had his brain embedded with government security secrets, viewers of this popular show have enjoyed watching this would-be spy get himself through some of the most unique adventures as he struggles just to be normal. Which, of course, is easier said than done.

Most of the second season has been spent watching Chuck grow more and more into the spy he never wanted to be in the first place. Now, however, there is a focus shift into finding the person who created the Intersect so Chuck can finally be free of the thing and go back to his life. All that is known so far is a code name — Orion ("Chuck Verus the Lethal Weapon"). But the United States government and Fulcrum, the group of agents who chose terrorism over justice, are looking for this elusive creature who nobody has seen except in shadow. Even Orion's voice is distorted. All anybody watching sees is someone in a hat and trench coat.

So who is this person? I know who it isn't — Bryce Larkin. Chuck's roommate at Stanford got him into this mess by sending him an encrypted email ("Pilot"). Of course Larkin knows about Chuck being the intersect, no need for the cloak and dagger routine there. Then again, the TRON poster in Chuck's room which has the clues of Chuck's trip down spydom lane scribbled out on it shows Larkin, then zooms in on Orion. Nah! It just doesn't make any sense. My other guesses cannot be confirmed just yet as they involve guest stars who have yet to appear. If there is one thing I've learned with this show, nothing can be assumed to be what it first seems. Even spies supposedly dead are prone to rise again.

My favorite part of this week's episode was watching Lester (Vik Sashay) and Jeff (Scott Krinsky) intercept the computer meant for Chuck. By the time the machine was recovered, hilarity ensued as more than a few errors unfolded. Rule number one in the the burglary game – always know where your partner is! Tony Hale shows his acting prowess in all of this as he tried to prevent said robbers from running off with the store. I smiled when Emmett Milbarge appears as the assistant manager who hasn't a clue as to what really goes off in the Buy More. Leave it to Emmitt to knock over the Beverly Hills Buy More inventory with one swing of the bat.

Bonita Friederecy took General Beckman to new heights as she fought to keep Chuck from meeting Orion. Why? If Chuck ever gets rid of the Intersect info, the government's top source of crime fighting is gone. The General did get one thing said perfectly — trust no one. Being a spy has a lot to do with smoke and mirrors.

Speaking of which, FULCRUM seems to have acquired people who do not exist except as ghosts. The only thing which set this group apart was two voices, one of each gender. Whether or not either has shown up before is not possible to tell right now. Any physical appearance is like an x-ray image.

I do have question for the writers. Where in the world would Jeff have learned about Predator drones? I know these people can install computers without too much of a problem, but Chuck has always been shown to be the truly savvy person. A while ago, Jeff was an expert at a certain video game ("Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer"). This still doesn't quite solve the conundrum.

Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), her fiance Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin), and Anna (Julia Ling) were not in this episode, which means the romance department may be on hold for a short while. Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) is still dating the mother of Morgan Grimes (Joshua Gomez), but this storyline has also played out in slow, slow fashion. Could this imply a double wedding at the finale? Perhaps, although I wouldn't count on it.

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