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TV Review: Chuck – “Chuck Versus the Best Friend”

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Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) may not have been working with the government long, but he knows the threat of bad guys is around. When they enter into the life of Morgan Grimes (Joshua Gomez), Chuck faces a choice between helping his longtime friend or saving the lives of many others.

This episode was one which brought together elements of spy movies people love. Adam Baldwin hanging on top of a Nerd Herd car made for fun viewing! He and Levi have wonderful chemistry, and it shows. A take-no-prisoners government operative, Baldwin's character John Casey understands duty before personal feelings. Why am I not surprised by the "Semper Fi" reference? It's the Marine Corp motto, the branch of the service he acts like most of the time. Speculation is that Casey has an Air Force background. I don't see it. While I watched, the memory of Baldwin's NCIS guest star role came to mind.

Levi, on the other hand, has played the civilian thrust into spydom with a blend of touching sweetness and solid determination. The cover of Charles Carmichael is when the effect of being around Casey and Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) rubs off. Casey and Chuck will go toe to toe if they have to. Casey never has to raise his voice, just hint to keep Chuck in line.

I dare say, Bryce Larkin might have made an impression. Matthew Bomer is at his best when playing dark characters. Levi might be downright intolerable if he copied Bomer, but these two make a decent pairing. Whether or not Bryce returns this season remains to be seen. The storylines more or less suggest he will, but time will tell.

Comedy plays no small part week to week, and viewers were not disappointed. Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) returned, and he tried to find a band to play at his wedding to Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), Chuck's sister. Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky got to take center stage as they performed "Africa" at the Buy More. The effort made up for the singing ability. Just a thought, but Levi has a lovely voice. Having him sing at the reception would be fun. Baldwin sings too, but I hardly see Casey helping.

Julia Ling came back. Anna and Morgan broke up after she kissed Lester during the Christmas hostage crisis ("Chuck versus Santa Claus"), but somehow, he never quite gave up on them as a couple. Gomez aptly portrayed the confusion. I knew the knockout spray would get used, and it was. Only Chuck could have pulled the trick. More than likely, the relationship between Morgan and Anna will go through the season.

Tony Hale was not part of this episode, but even assistant managers are entitled to a day off once in a while. Unlike spies, although the general (Bonita Friederecy) gets to let her hair down. Um, out of curiosity, writers are aware of the administration change, right? The line didn't quite work. Nice try, though.

With "Chuck Versus the Best Friend", the episodes are now caught up. If not for a certain press conference, the order would have been Anna and her new boyfriend, THEN Chuck getting a download (of sorts) from FULCRUM. At any rate, the season should now be in its regular order. However, the season is expected to end in April. Another preemption is not out of the question.

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  • Sandra Palha

    Wow an entire article about such a great episode and not once you mention Yvonne Strahovski amazing scenes or in special the breakdown scene after the explosion?