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TV Review: Chasing A Dream

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The Hallmark Channel is known for its inspiring original family dramas, and Chasing a Dream is no exception. The premiere airs Saturday, April 25 (9pm/8c) and makes for a great Saturday family night at the movies.

This is the inspiring story of high school football star Cam Stiles (Andrew Lawrence), who loses his best friend John Van Horn (Jake McLaughlin) in an accident he feels responsible for. Prior to the accident, both boys were high school jocks. Cam was working towards college scholarships in football that would make his father (Treat Williams) happy. John Van Horn (Jake McLaughlin) is a dedicated runner who is working to run a sub-four-minute mile. After an evening out with friends that Cam pushed John into, John is killed when running home. The loss for Cam is unbearable.

While his mother (Joanna Going) and his friends all encourage him to get back into life, his father pushes him to get back on the football field. An angry Cam ignores them all and sets out to conquer his friend’s goal of a sub-four-minute mile. To do this he has to give up football, which angers his controlling father/coach. While Cam pushes himself to achieve his goal, he and his father have to find the strength and love to work things out. The movie is heartwarming and somewhat inspirational.

I’d been looking forward to this premiere, having seen the previews several weeks ago, so I jumped on the chance to review it. It is an enjoyable movie that will appeal to a lot of people. The theme of high school sports figures overcoming obstacles is always popular. This movie doesn’t have a lot of surprises, though. While I liked this movie (I’ll admit to a slight crush on Treat Williams which might have influenced me!), it seemed a bit bland to me. I thought the dialogue at times didn’t feel right. The plot was a bit predictable.

In the end, this is what it’s meant to be. It is a nice family drama and a great alternative to network television on a Saturday night.

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