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TV Review: Castle – “Wrapped Up in Death”

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Indy meets Castle! That, perhaps, is the best way to describe what happens in this week's episode. No, not the racetrack Indy, the character Harrison Ford made famous long ago.

In this case, Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) have a problem to solve after a guy turns up dead. Will Medina, however, is not the typical victim. He works for a museum department specializing in Egyptian artifacts. Mummies, in other words. An alleged curse just might be the reason for his death, but a more likely one is the gargoyle which fell atop his body from a very good height. Considering that the solid stone statue probably had some help with its belly flop, the search is on to find out with whom Medina has issues. Or had, actually.

Department head Stanford Raynes (Currie Graham, Raising the Bar) cannot think of anyone. Could the culprit be the woman with whom Medina is clearly involved? Maybe. Then again, the most obvious suspect could easily be a red herring. Det. Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Det. Esposito (Jon Huertas) should help narrow the various leads down to size.

Any regular viewer, unfortunately, would likely have a pretty good idea of whodunit before Castle and company get their answer. How? It has to do with the opening credits! Sheesh. This is a rather easy fix. Out of several guest stars, one is guilty (maybe two). The deck of cards should be better shuffled so the final reveal is a true one. For some reason, the switcharoo does not stick in the minds of the production crew. It needs to.

Some nice bits of humor come at Castle's expense this week. Nathan Fillion is adept at slapstick as he portrays what someone afraid of being cursed would go through day to day. The scene with Molly C. Quinn, Fillion, and several very red tomatoes is a snarky nod to what being a cop is all about. Susan Sullivan has a cute bit while talking about her days in a college theatre program.

I also like the scene between Dever, Huertas, and Ruben Santiago Hudson as the consequences of ignoring a potential curse are discussed. The faces of all three actors are straight, but the dialogue is amusing. I have to wonder how many takes it took to get the scene perfect.

Yes, the case is not unlike the majority of those that have aired this season, but one of the two underlying themes, ancient burial grounds, is.  The other, theft for personal gain, is certainly a rehash. The subjects get the gravitas they deserve without destroying the overall humor of the show.

Considering this series tends to begin a season run in the fall, repeats abound in order for it to wrap in May. Since a handful remain, viewers would be wise to count on new episodes being few and far between up until the finale.

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