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TV Review: Castle – “When the Bough Breaks”

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When Castle (Nathan Fillion) gets an intriguing offer, he knows better than to refuse. What is it? Just a deal to write three books about a certain British spy. This is not exactly a difficult decision, but there's only one small snafu. He would have to stop writing about Nikki Heat, the female detective in the latest best seller. Although he probably started the work long before he met Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) of NYPD, her influence is strong.

One would think Kate might be upset at not hearing about the deal, but she isn't. But she wants to hear the news from Castle. Directly. After a book launch party, Castle is offered a different kind of deal. Sales of Heat Wave, starring the aforementioned Nikki Heat, were so high Castle got an offer to do three more Nikki novels!

There is also the usual crime to solve during the course of the episode. A woman is dead, but figuring out who she is and who would want to kill her is harder than it sounds. She seems to have an immigration status problem. Green cards can be revoked, so people are not exactly willing to talk to the cops. She works for a physician, Dr. Talbot, as a nanny. Talbot's specialty is never stated outright, but he seems to be either a pediatrician or obstetrician. Although there is nothing untoward about the situation between the victim and her employer, there is a larger connection which needs unraveling.

It's nice to see Reed Diamond back on the air. He plays Dr. Talbot, the victim's boss. Although he has joined the cast of Dollhouse, lately his appearances have been few and far between.

One small nit. The most recognizable guest star is listed first in the credits after the cast. Fair enough. Why, then, does that person usually turn out to be whodunit? Fix this, folks.

No troubles on the Castle homefront this week. After the violin debacle shut down communication between Castle, Martha (Susan Sullivan), his mom, and Alexis (Molly C. Quinn), his daughter ("Fool Me Once…"), I suppose the writers have given it a rest until another time.

Castle is a popular show with fans who watch despite how low the ratings happen to get. Part of the reason is Fillion in the lead role. He has a large fan base from the science fiction realm when he was part of the cast of Firefly. Technically, he was lead role then too. However, there were also eight others who helped draw in viewers.

Speaking of Fillion's former castmates, how long before someone shows up on Castle? I realize several are regulars on various other shows, but a few could step in. Sean Maher, for example. He makes his living nowadays doing guest star roles. Summer Glau and Alan Tudyk are taking on recurring roles, but those spread out over a season rather than each week. As for Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin, they have less chances to do other stuff beyond V and Chuck. Gina Torres is locked into a part on Gossip Girl. Ron Glass appears to have dropped off the scene altogether.

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