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TV Review: Castle – “The Third Man”

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When Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) gets involved in a police investigation, it is usually due to his skills as a bestselling mystery novelist. No need for him to make the arrest; he just has to figure out the most logical way the killer would do the deed — easy enough. The tricky part is balancing work and the responsibilities of celebrity.

For example, Castle has been named one of New York's Most Eligible Bachelors (he's #9!). At any rate, there's a far bigger problem looming overhead.

Somebody has managed to link Castle with Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) romantically. Oops! I have to say, the emotions shown by Katic and Fillion as they deal with the ramifications are a joy to watch. Will Castle and Beckett hook up? They don't need to, as the growing friendship gives plenty of emotional tension without having the two lead characters jump between the sheets.

The mystery, while interesting, is a bit convoluted. A man is found dead in an apartment. However, there is one slight problem. The guy doesn't live there! To solve the whodunit, Castle and Beckett require a dumbwaiter (the food transport kind), the airport, animals, and a guilty person who is not exactly the one you might expect.

No mention of the show's biggest storyline: who wants Beckett's mother dead so badly that they hire someone to carry out the dirty work? It's reasonable since there are only about couple of weeks left before viewers will have to choose between Castle and the Olympics.

In fact, next week is a repeat. A new episode returns on February 8. How many are left in the season? Think about this. Assuming the pilot is accepted to air for an audience, 12 more episodes make a typical first season. If it gets that far, 22 can fill things up from premiere to finale. This is only season two. I would guess the season finale is around April. Too many shows are airing for them all to get a spot in May without a massive clog-up.

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