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TV Review: Castle – “The Fifth Bullet”

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Memory is a strange thing. While it can be of great use in many circumstances, it can also backfire. What you think is real gets clouded or turns out to be  entirely wrong. Anyone in law enforcement understands this, and so quickly learns not to rely on eyewitnesses as the sole source of evidence in a case. The reason? Ask ten people who see a bank robber what the person looks like, and ten different answers are give. In fairness, if at least five of those responses match, then chances are good that the information is accurate and should be retained for future use.

When Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) arrives at the latest crime scene, she finds Castle (Nathan Fillion) happily enjoying the company of a dog. Since the dog cannot be an eyewitness, it's a good thing Lanie (Tamala Jones) is around to shed some light on the dead guy whose killer now needs to be found. The scene is an art gallery, so it's a place to start. The means of murder? A 9 mm gun which was fired multiple times. There's only one problem — there's one more shell casing than the number of bullets that were fired. There had to be an extra shot at some point.

On top of all this, a man shows up at NYPD with no memory of who he is, or anything else for that matter. Amnesia makes logical sense, but cops have other ways of finding out a person's identity. Like advertising to the media, for example. A red herring pops up in the form of a woman who falsely claims the guy as her own. Eventually, though, his ex-wife shows up in the form of Anne Dudek (House).

Nice casting! Dudek plays her part with soft-spoken understatement. She brings a quiet tenderness to a guy with nothing in his brain to remember her by. In his case, this is probably a good thing. They can both start over fresh.

So can Martha (Susan Sullivan), Castle's mom. She found her old high school boyfriend, Chet, via a social networking site. The two have a delightful time, but sparks start to wither after a bit. A certain form of plant life helps Martha tell Castle of her doubts. Aren't she and Chet two different people now than, say, a few decades ago? Castle gently points out she is alive, and able to be everything she is meant to be.

With the holidays quickly approaching, viewers might not get to meet Chet before 2010. A boatload of special programming tends to dump the regimented schedule into a tailspin. Keep in mind that whoever might portray Martha's man (or ex, by the time the next new episode airs) should be old enough to have adult children. Say, Kevin Tighe from Emergency a while back. Someone with teenagers would be a parent quite late in life. I don't get the impression the latter case works well, but I don't write the script.

Beckett's dead mother has been off the air for some time now, so it's likely next year will be when it gets mentioned again. Yes, a sentiment has gone by from time to time. However, nothing significant as of yet. I have to wonder if her dad will be revealed this season, or perhaps the girlfriend of Det. Kevin Ryan (Seamus Deaver).

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