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TV Review: Castle – “Suicide Squeeze”

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New York is full of people. Just about anybody and everybody lives there, so the cops have a job on their hands trying to maintain order.

Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) has been around long enough to handle herself in the field. Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion), on the other hand, is a bestselling novelist who hangs on by a thread. Should the book do lousy in sales, the financial strain might be a serious burden. While it hasn't happened yet, there is always a possibility of disaster. Celebrity takes a toll, and the result is not always pretty.

The latest case involves a dead baseball player. Unfortunately, the man lies on the field surrounded by leather spheres with distinctive red stitching. Although pitchers can use an arm to hit a standing target, most others need a little extra help. Send in the automat! Balls are hurled through the air at about the same speed as a human, so the batters can hit without someone having to throw. It works quite nicely. Suicide? Probably not, judging by the amount of blood.

I have to say, the cameo by Joe Torre was a sweet touch. Who better to make an appearance during an episode with a baseball theme than the former manager of the New York Yankees? Obviously, there was a connection between himself and Castle. Famous folks tend to find one another at events and the like.

Once again, the person whodunit is listed first in the guest star list! Sigh. I thought this problem had been fixed. Had Joe Torre been listed first as a special guest star, dilemma solved in two seconds. Yes, some actors are more well known simply due to being in all manner of whatever. Series regulars are seen each week, so people get to know exactly who's who. Character actors bounce around so often they are familiar, although not always by name.

In other developments, Castle's father, as it turns out, is somewhere on the horizon. Even Martha (Susan Sullivan) cannot remember the guy who got her pregnant, but he just may turn up down the line. Keep in mind the man would be old enough to have a son with two divorces behind him and a daughter in high school. Alexis (Molly C. Quinn) will graduate and be thinking about college before too long.

Next week is a repeat episode. Due to the Olympics kickoff in a few days, I expect to see the rest of the run in sporadic weeks of air time. Until then, perhaps the production team might consider which one of Fillion's Firefly castmates to put on the guest star list. Adam Baldwin is a series regular elsewhere, but perhaps he could manage a little less screen time to stop over at Casa Castle. Morena Baccarin has a bigger issue with a new lead role on a weekly series. Still, there six others to choose from…

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