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TV Review: Castle – “Overkill”

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In the relative calm of New York, the police wait for a fresh case to pop up which requires solving. Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), on the other hand, does what he does best. The next novel in his series starring Nikki Heat needs some work, and who better than Alexis (Molly C. Quinn), Castle's daughter, to proofread on the way to book perfection?

I have to say, the Schleming character who works in Robbery is a clever touch. Obviously, it refers to Det. Tom Demming (Michael Trucco, Battlestar Galactica). Just who is this guy? He's the man from the Robbery division who happens to be the new love interest of Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). Despite being able to have any woman he wants (money and fame tend to do that), Castle is still none too happy about seeing someone else take up residence in the heart of his best partner.

All three must work together, though, when a simple homicide turns out to have a theft aspect. The list of suspects is relatively a no-brainer; after all, the victim runs a multi-million dollar cosmetic company. Animal rights protesters increase the count just slightly.

A good portion of the plot revolves around a certain ingredient in one of the skin care lines. Don't bother trying to pronounce it, the chemical is probably made up for show purposes. The scene with the upset woman is a cute bit.

Nice to see William R. Moses on the small screen. He's been on plenty since Falcon Crest, but it takes a while sometimes before an actor reappears after a successful run elsewhere. Now, since Susan Sullivan has had a former cast mate of hers as guest star, when are viewers going to see someone from Firefiy? Out of nine series regulars surely there is at least one person available to pop in. Alan Tudyk is on another show, as well as Summer Glau and Adam Baldwin. By my estimation, five are left. Or, Amy Acker might do nicely. I hear Happy Town is off the production block…

The conclusion to the case is a twist, to be certain. For some bizarre reason, the perpetrator is listed in a particular spot during opening credits. This got fixed this week only in part. If Trucco is listed before everyone else, it solves the problem. I cannot tell if this is a mere oversight or a deliberate effort on the part of the production crew. If the latter, it's almost as bad as when major plot twists get shown during a promo for future reference (a problem across the board for shows). Just saying.

One more episode remains in the season. Michael Trucco returning is no secret. Now, what's possible? Anything. Yes, there could be a death. I wouldn't know who — seriously. However, the lead is not a good idea. Lose the lead, lose the show. Oops! Fillion and Katic are what make the show work. As for anyone else, they're fair game once the second season starts. Pregnancy is probably out. Tune in May 17 at 10pm on ABC to discover exactly what happens. Beckett may have the biggest decision of her life to make. Two men want her as their main squeeze badly, and both are good guys. Neither is prepared to lose.

A third season is confirmed. Which might be when we learn the identity of who is responsible for hiring the guy who killed Beckett's mom years ago. Or who is the biological father of Castle. At any rate, these questions should keep viewers talking about the show up until the next season premiere.

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