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TV Review: Castle – “Love Me Dead”

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Homicide is defined as the killing of a person by another person, and those who commit the deed are usually arrested on a felony charge. However, this week is a bit different. One of those responsible for putting wrongdoers away is Jack Buckley, an assistant District Attorney in the state of New York. Buckley discovered dead is a cause for concern in more ways than one.

Captain Montgomery (Ruben Santiago Hudson) knows a high profile death brings pressure to get the case solved quickly. The guilty party should not be on the streets one minute longer than necessary. For Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), this means working every lead as far as it goes. Nothing should be overlooked, and sloppiness will not be tolerated. Even Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), the bestselling mystery writer who helps the cops out with cases, is put on alert.

Good thing evidence never lies. It cannnot, since it is solely there to show itself without compromise. Buckley has been found in a spot which does not make much sense. Why would a train rider be somewhere far beyond a route? Buckley's profession gives Beckett and Castle an immediate lead. Surely someone has a reason to not like lawyers! Whether it is someone who feels wrongly convicted or a family member who does not like the way Buckley does his job is a good place to start.

Considering November is sweeps month, when shows try to draw in ratings (February is the other time), the secret Buckley is keeping works well. There is also a person of interest who is not what she appears to be. I'm not entirely sure Jonathan LaPaglia and Micheala McManus guest starring are the reasons people watched. However, they do their jobs nicely enough.

Speaking of guest stars, whoever puts the cast together for an episode needs to be aware of something. The killer is pretty easy to spot each week. How? The actor portraying him or her is listed FIRST on the guest star list. Whoops! I realize sometimes this is the person most well known out of all the guests for a particular episode. Still, surely a small shuffle should not be out of the question.

Buckley is not the only person with a secret. Alexis (Molly C. Quinn), Castle's daughter, knows she can tell her dad anything. When she asks Beckett for a private meeting, Castle wonders why. Martha (Susan Sullivan), his mother, understands that sometimes another adult is the person whom teens communicate with. She's not worried, but Castle spends a lot of his time with cops. I'll give out one hint — it has to do with change.

I assume the storyline of Beckett's mom is going to pop back up later. This month? It's certainly possible, except holiday programming might get in the way. Two weeks left in November, but the last is right after Thanksgiving. This would be the week for a repeat or pre-empt in case viewers are out of town or busy getting home.

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