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TV Review: Castle – “Famous Last Words”

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Have you ever said something you regretted later? It's easy to do. Get angry in the midst of a conversation, and words slip out which are even more hurtful than the original subject. 

For those who make a living in front of a camera, the chances of a verbal "oops" increase greatly. Radio and television news interviews provide plenty of opportunities. Live broadcasts make things especially easy since there is no retake to achieve perfection. Haley Blue, the latest crime victim for Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic), no longer has to deal with this issue. She is found in an alley hanging from a fire escape. Suicide is ruled out by the medical examiner's office.

I have to wonder what happened to Lanie this week. Tamala Jones is always great fun to have around. The actress is not one of the two lead roles, so it stands to reason she might be gone from time to time. A line in the script mentioning a vacation or family emergency would have helped, though.

Dealing in dead bodies is always troublesome, but Castle finds it a bit personal with Haley. She was an up and coming rock star, so the appeal to a teenage audience extended to Alexis (Molly C. Quinn). In fact, the plot gets Alexis directly involved with the case. The scene towards the end with Alexis, Castle, and a laptop where the motive for killing is discovered sets up the interrogation scene perfectly.

Quinn can sing! At least I think she can, judging from the vocal qualities. It's only a few words, but the purity is recognizable.

Considering how grim the subtext was, there probably should have been a public service announcement once the episode went to final fadeout at the end. A phone number for those who need help, or a website to get information is a smart decision. The death has less to do with the taking of a life than trusting one's instincts when it really counts. Watching this episode is perhaps the best way to understand the mystery.

While the story itself is haunting, a website named Pillblue means the song which plays throughout the entire episode continues into perpetuity. Viral videos and share technology mean a lot more publicity these days than one might ever imagine on his or her own.

Captain Montgomery (Ruben Santiago Hudson) is back, which makes up for Lanie being gone. A little bit, anyway. He is pleased with how the case turns out, and has enough common sense to tell Beckett and Castle so. They really do make a good team, which is part of the reason viewers turn in each week.

The new book deal is on the back burner, but then again, November is sweeps month. Typically, every show which airs episodes during this time will try and put thier biggest storylines out along with perhaps some top name guest stars. Why? To draw people in and give ratings a gigantic boost. Some shows that have been on for a while can often draw in new viewers. Some shows have a fan base who tune in even if nobody else does. You can decide for yourself which category Castle falls into.

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