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TV Review: Castle – “Den of Thieves”

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Under typical circumstances, homicide is an easy term to define. It means someone is killed by someone else. Those in law enforcement take things a bit further and do their best to find out who the killer is. Easy? Well, sometimes. One way is to look closely at who the victim is, since most tend to know the person who ends their life. A family member is one place to look, but so is the workplace. A check of the victim's neighborhood might help, although not if the prime suspect is, say, the coach of a little league sports team where one's son or daughter participates.

Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is well aware of the concept of death. After all, he is a mystery writer. A seriously successful one at that. Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) relies on evidence to make an arrest, but it too, can be misleading. Take the latest case, for example. A man lies dead, and a fingerprint is found on the body. So far, so good. One small snag — it belongs to a cop! Complicating matters is this particular cop is supposedly deceased. Oh dear.

Jon Huertas plays Det. Esposito, definitely not the lead role. In fact, he and Seamus Deaver, aka Det. Ryan, are generally the comic relief. Huertas, though, pulls out his dramatic chops as he is forced to be the cop whose reputation is on the line as well as attempting to defend the former partner assumed to have joined up with the Mafia. The lie detector scene is powerful, and a reflection of just how strong an actor Huertas is.

When I see the first shot of Ike Thornton, who is the prime suspect for most of the episode, it looks like Huertas has a twin! I almost have to wonder if Huertas himself posed for the picture.

Romance is also in the air with Michael Trucco joining the cast on a recurring basis as Det. Tom Demming. Battlestar Galactica fans know this actor as Anders. Considering Fillion is the other science fiction series notable, the interaction is interesting to watch. Both these men are in a competition for Beckett, even if Castle has not yet made his feelings known. The line about Captain America is telling. It can also be considered foreshadowing when Castle tells Alexis (Molly C. Quinn), his daughter, about not liking to lose.

Somebody should start reading the scripts a little more carefully before the taping begins. Okay, most cops are professionals who would never dream of sullying their careers with unethical behavior. I get that. However, Demming under suspicion for the way he suddenly appears to help on a case makes only partial sense. Why? Another character is equally intended to be high on the suspect list. The time it takes Beckett, her team, and even Capt. Montgomery (Ruben Santiago Hudson) to realize this is far too long. This is NYPD, remember? They're extremely good.

The finale this season is May 17, not far off. Look for a new episode May 3 with Rocco DiSpirito as a guest star. Castle has been renewed for a third season, start date to be announced.

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