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TV Review: Castle – “A Deadly Game”

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Castle comes to a close! While the case has a twist (although some might have been able to see it coming), the bigger story is what happens when a relationship does not go exactly as one may have planned. For Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion), the issue is felt close to home.

They team up once again to try and catch a killer. Problem is, not many clues exist for them to use. They know a man lies dead, but little else. His ID is fake, which is a major headache. Leave it to Castle for a non-typical opinion — the guy’s a spy. Mission: Impossible gets several nice nods during this episode. Too bad the real killer turns out to have a much more mundane reason for his actions.

Mitch Pileggi turns up as a potential suspect. You have to appreciate the humor. Pileggi is perhaps best known as the FBI director, Skinner, in The X-Files. For a series regular on a show about the unexplained to show up on a wry television cop show about solving mysteries is smile worthy. Go watch the episode to see if Pileggi is the guilty party or not.

The main case aside, there are a few questions which still need answers. Viewers know who the killer of Beckett’s mother is (“Sucker Punch”), but nothing has been told about who hired the killer in the first place. I tend to think the homicide investigation would have focused on a colleague of Beckett or her father first. Then again, this is television. Anything could be the case.

Castle has been married twice before, one of those being the woman who gave birth to daughter, Alexis (Molly C. Quinn). Although Castle lives with both his offspring and mother Martha (Susan Sullivan). While all that is known, a slight problem exists with the question of exactly who sired Castle.

The biggest question of all? The relationship between Beckett and Castle. As a professional team, they work well together. The relationship has been strained before. When Beckett realized Castle was looking into her mother’s death after she specifically asked him not to, it nearly got him thrown off the team (“Deep in Death”).

Det. Demming (Michael Trucco, Battlestar Galatica)from Robbery strained things further when he got romantically involved with Beckett. She has now broken that relationship off, but Castle announcing that he is going to the Hamptons with an ex-wife doesn’t help matters. To be fair, she’s his publisher and Heat Wave, the book he wrote with a fictional version of Beckett as the main character, is getting a sequel.

For the summer, Castle will move to Wednesdays at 10pm to air its various repeats until new episodes kick off in the fall. With so many shows premiering and returning, a few pop their heads back in during October. It’s too early for us to know quite when Castle will premiere, but when it does it will be in the Monday timeslot.

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