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TV Review: Boston Legal – “The Verdict”

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As the episode title suggests, the verdict is in on the Scott Little trial. However, there is a bit more to take care of before the jury can deliberate. Jeffrey Coho (Craig Bierko) questions Scott's father, who is not eager to see his son convicted of murder, but rather, wants him to get help for being in love with his mother. Doubt is raised when Jeffrey suggests he wants to punish his ex-wife.

The psychiatrist takes the stand, and both Jeffrey and Assistant District Attorney Jonathan Winant (Tyler Labine, Invasion) bring out the ethics violation of releasing the DVD in which Scott talked about killing the judge. Even though the release was to the judge's husband, it still goes against a professional code of conduct. Jeffrey proves the doctor exaggerates, so why should he be believed? I realize the doctor is not on trial, but his peers need to take action. No need for a lawyer, but references can still be made in law firm discussions.

The biggest turn comes when Scott's mother (Katey Sagal, Married With Children, 8 Simple Rules) takes her turn as a character witness. After Winant shows she might lie for her son, it dawns on Jeffrey one way to 'save her son', as she requested, is to shift blame. No one is expecting this, especially Denise Bauer (Julie Bowen), part of the defense team. In a private room, she implies Jeffrey might be engaging in fraud. He says if he was, she should be glad not to know, since she would be obligated to testify.

The real shocker is after the not guilty verdict. Everyone is stunned, although the case wasn't strong. Yes, no prints could be attributed to Little wiping them away. The jury gave Jeffrey a win on his first case. When the attorneys leave mother and son alone, their conversation is a bombshell. She did it! Jeffrey thought it possible ("New Kids on the Block"), but others could have murdered the judge, including Scott. There is also one more twist — mom and son are lovers! Now, does this mean another trial down the road? Tune in and find out!

Brad Chase (Mark Valley) tells Paul Lewiston (Rene Auberjonois) he is not threatened by Coho, but is not seeing evidence of how good Jeffrey is. Obviously, this was prior to the verdict. When Brad later asks Denise if Jeffrey was "good," her look shows she got the double meaning. Denise doesn't know Brad saw her interact with Jeffrey earlier. When Jeffrey tried putting physical moves on her, she said she was engaged. He apologized, backing off. She made it clear she was not interested. However, she and Daniel have yet to set a wedding date. Could this be a future plot twist? I wouldn't know, but I'm going to keep an eye on this. Here is my question: If Denise is no longer involved with Brad (which he knows, by the way), why are her sex partners any of Brad's business? More to the point, the accusation isn't even true! They never did, but if they had, that would be a concern of Daniel's. Brad needs to move on.

Alan Shore (James Spader) has sex with Sally Heep (Lake Bell) only to have her leave immediately afterward. When he gets her to talk with Joanna, the sex therapist, Sally said she went to sleep on a prior occasion because it was night. She suggests Sally is embarrassed because she considers Alan "skanky." Next, Sally then sleeps with Brad, a former lover. Alan loses interest in Sally, but what will happen when he finds out about Brad?

Denny Crane (William Shatner) is having problems of his own. He slept with Gracie Jane (Jill Bennett) to try and get her to lighten up on the Little case so harshly depicted on her show. Bethany (Meredith Eaton-Gilden) hears him tell Alan, and pulls the string on a Gracie Jane doll tucked into Denny's pants, which says "guilty guilty guilty." She is disgusted, but she knows what she is getting into if they have a relationship.

Whew! The men on this show have more relationship issues. Jeffrey has a daughter who lives with her mother. Alan and Denny are "dirty old men," but Alan realizes when he's gone too far. Brad is on the rebound from Denise, but she is now engaged. It's to a man with terminal cancer, but she's taken. Jeffrey may have a new problem due to the holier-than-thou Peeping Tom neighbor who does not like him. Jeffrey really got him upset after closing arguments, when he more or less attacked the neighbor's character. So who will be walking wounded next? I suspect it will be someone connected to the Little trial, or perhaps someone new drawn into the drama. Wait and see.

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