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TV Review: Boston Legal – “Duck and Cover”

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When Alan Shore (James Spader) walks in Denny Crane's (William Shatner) office, the large silver object on the desk draws his attention. Denny has borrowed the Stanley Cup for a day. Before Denny can etch his name on the shiny trophy, Alan reminds him they have an important appointment.

The wedding day of Brad Chase (Mark Valley) and Denise Bauer (Julie Bowen) has arrived. Before all are seated, Father McClinton (Michael Gross "Family Ties") finds Alan and mentions he may soon need his legal advice. Before long, the dilemma is revealed.

After federal agents burst through the doors, ICE Agent Daniel Foster (Jim Holmes "Judging Amy") tells Brad that McClinton is wanted for harboring illegal aliens. The mother will be deported despite her child being born in the U.S. Once McClinton is arrested, Alan heads to court.

The prosecutor has a plea bargain – the government will give the woman a green card if she will testify against the priest. She decides to take it. The verdict is for the prosecution. Alan plans to appeal.

Denise goes into labor right before the wedding, and Brad is at the hospital. He wants them to be married prior to the child's birth. He calls Claire Simms (Constance Zimmer) and asks her to find a clergy person. As it turns out, Judge Robert Sanders (Shelley Berman, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Meet The Fockers) is being treated for gout. A fast repeat of vows, and Brad and Denise are married. Just in time, too, because Denise gives birth almost immediately. She asks Brad if their daughter looks like Jeffrey Coho, a former colleague. When she sees the look on his face, she says she is only teasing.

Jerry Espenson (Christian Clemenson) has a new case assigned by Shirley Schmidt (Candice Bergen). Allison Lovejoy (Kali Rocha, Meet The Parents, Meet The Fockers) was kicked out of her apartment for violating the no pets rule. She says her duck is an assistance animal to cope with panic attacks.

The confrontation between the landlord and the other two is tense, but Jerry uses his legal abilities to find building violations. He convinces the landlord his best option is letting the duck stay. When the duck later dies, Jerry's client is heartbroken.

Shirley comes to Denny and says the veterinarian thinks the animal died from a heart attack, most likely after Denny fired a gun in the room. She says she plans to let him go if he continues to behave unprofessionally.

On the balcony, Alan and Denny share scotch from the Stanley cup, and later knock it off the balcony. Oops! They move away before anyone sees them.

I realize there are three founding partners at the firm, in other words, those people who started it all. Edwin Poole is in the hospital being treated for a mental breakdown. Denny is somewhat odd, but his mind is reasonably sharp. Yet Shirley can tell him she plans to fire him? The last time the firm tried firing a partner, Brad appealed and stayed ("Brotherly Love").

Denise's Coho comment opens up a new possibility. She never showed Brad paperwork to indicate he was the biological father, just told him so. He believed her without proof. For a lawyer, this speaks to due diligence.

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