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TV Review: Boston Legal “Breast in Show”

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Daniel Post (Michael J. Fox) asks Denise Bauer, (Julie Bowen) his new girlfriend, if she would like to go to a funeral. When she asks whose, he replies his own. He goes on to explain that once someone’s dead, they dont get to hear all the nice things said.

The funeral is held at a pub, where everyone is in hockey shirts, a nod to Fox’s love of the game. After a mean game of foosball, one of Daniel’s siblings gets up to speak, and makes a nice tribute to Daniel, who has taken on the family mantle after their parents passed away.

This is too much for Denise. She tries to make a discreet exit. When Daniel asks why, she says that it’s more than she can bear. Daniel is going to die for real after getting cancer (The Cancer Man Can). He agrees that dying is not something which is easy to deal with. She says to go back to the funeral, and they will talk to him later. They do. She tries to break up, saying that she is the world’s worst coward. He tells her that he is going to St. Moritz, in Switzerland, to try a new experimental treatment. If it works, he will be back.

Alan Shore (James Spader) calls Irma Levine (Lisa Vidal) and says he has been having sexual fantasies about her and would like to get together. When his remarks are answered with silence, he wonders aloud if she has hung up. She meets him at a bar dressed in a very becoming black dress.

Rather than agree to his brazen proposal, she says that she needs a lawyer. It seems that local politicians have redrawn the lines for their districts. Why? To make sure those who did not vote for them in the last election will not vote against them again.

When a political protest gets two hundred women arrested (they were in their birthday suits at the time), Alan agrees to defend Irma in court. He runs into a snag when Assistant District Atrorney Holly Raines (Ana Ortiz) wants to charge Irma with being a sex offender instead of the usual disturbing the peace.

Holly tells Alan privately that she is not mad that her interview at Crane, Poole, and Schmidt did not go well, but is under orders from her boss to make an example out of Irma.

She interviewed with Brad Chase (Mark Valley). She worked her way into his good graces with flattery. He asks her why she wants to work for the firm. She says for the money, and brings up her experience with the DA’s office. Brad does not seem to be paying attention. She walks out in disgust, and he shreds her resume.

Alan angrily asks Brad what went wrong. Brad mentions the money comment. Alan points out that everyone is in it for the money. Brad says that since he has now been made partner (The Cancer Man Can), he is not going to let Alan get away with hiring his sexual conquests. Alan tells him that the interview was given to get Catherine Piper (Betty White) off of robbery charges.

Speaking of Catherine, Garrett (Justin Mentell) gets a glimpse of her manipulative ways when he finds that she has taken over his office to do her accounting from her sandwich cart business. When he tells Paul Lewiston (Rene Auberjonois), the managing partner asks if some negotiating could be done.

Garrett then storms back into his office demanding that Catherine leave. He’s good but Catherine points out that she killed a man (Finding Nimmo). When she later finds Garrett underneath the stairwell trying to get work done, she says that there are a few hours when he could use his office since she is running around delivering orders. She says that he will have to get the last sandwich orders, which are liverwurst and tongue. He calls out that he likes tongue.

This is not the first time Catherine has used underhanded tactics to get what she wants. She told Alan that she had to rob convienence stores because she needed money after being fired over the debacle with Bernard Farrion. She then goes on to say that Alan promised to hire her as his personal assistant once Shirley Schmidt (Candice Bergen) fired her (A Whiff and a Prayer). That was the first time I heard about THAT, and I think Alan was in the same boat.

Catherine is by no means my favorite character. She is too much of a bitch for me to stomach. I agree with the decision to fire her. Not only did she cover up a murder, she lied to the police when asked about it. Why couldn’t she have stayed fired?

Alan finds Brad and says that he, Brad owes Alan for screwing up the interview with Holly. therefore, Brad owes him a fovor. Alan says to follow his lead, and they go to see the DA. Alan says he understands that the elections for DA were coming up, and he just wanted Scott to know that Brad was planning to throw his hat in the ring. When they leave, Alan encourages Brad to run, now that he’s made a “powerful enemy”.

This is not the first time that the DA’s office has come up against the firm. When Brad was arrested for chopping off the fingers of a priest (Gone), the ADA was a man who went to the same laws school as Brad, and Brad proved himself to be the better lawyer. Paul had to stop the DA’s office from charging Denny with a crime when he shot a defendant charged with child rape and murder.

Later on in this episode, Brad is in his office with campaign posters. Will he end up running? Wait and see…

When Irma is found “not guilty”, Alan walks her to the elevator. The doors close, and she hits the shutdown button. While things are left to the imagination, the implied meaning is that they have sex. Could she be the replacement for Tara?

Denny Crane (William Shatner) joins Alan on the balcony for their nightly chat. The Scotch is terrible and Denny says Bev, his fiancee, wants him is shape for the wedding. He says that his relationship with Alan will not change. Alan says he has been married, and he knows things will change. Could we be seeing more of this concept down the road?

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  • Katina

    I have a serious problem with this episode. When discussing the D.A.’s parents as “cobblers from Czechoslovakia,”‘ they have neglected to mention the country does not exist anymore. Though indeed it may have been a country when the D.A.’s parents were working their shoe-magic, in reference to modern times, they should have referred to the region (i.e. Czech Republic or Slovakia) or stated “former republic of Czechoslovakia.”

    People just seem to love mocking Czechoslovakia.

  • Katina, what makes you think that country was being mocked? At any rate, it’s tv remember? Nothing is real except for Massachusetts law.