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TV Review: Boston Legal “Ass Fat Jungle”

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It has often been said that the things which go bump in the night are those which scare us the most. Even though the mind can play tricks, the chance that what we fear most is all too real is terrifying.

As a senior partner in his law firm, Denny Crane (William Shatner) has the prestige of his name on the front door. He also gained a reputation as a formidable attorney. However, any trial Denny might face in court is nothing compared to what he is trying NOT to face in his personal life-the very real concern of Alzheimer’s.

Alan Shore (James Spader), Denny’s best friend and a solid attorney, is experiencing troubles of his own. Although he dealt with his fear of clowns (with help from Brad) his night terrors have returned. Stress tends to trigger the current episodes. Alan has an idea about the exact cause, “I must be missing Tara”, referring to his former girlfriend.

Because Alan is asleep when the night terrors occur, he is not aware of his condition or surroundings. Living on the fourteenth floor of a hotel means there is a greater likelihood of physical danger. Alan discovered this when he came out of his trance-like state steps away from the edge of his balcony.

The solution? Have someone spend the night to keep watch. Denny is not keen on the idea, so Alan decides to ask Melissa, his new administrative assistant.

An opportunity arises when Alan notices that Melissa might be interested in earning some extra money after she tries to work out a credit card bill from her office phone. At first she thinks, wisely, that all Alan wants to do is get her into bed. She let him know she would not put up with his antics when hired. She should have known her words were a challenge.

In the end, she agrees. First thing she does is to have Alan sign a contract where her terms are clearly defined, promising that the contract will be put on every employee’s windshield if he breaks it. Alan not only signs, but shakes Melissa’s waiting hand.

I loved this line: “As immune as you are to sexual overtures from me, I have, on occasion, had fantasies about the Michelin Man” spoken by Alan after Melissa crawls into bed wearing a huge white winter coat. At least he warned her. It takes time, but she has to scramble to stop Alan from walking out onto the balcony again.

Denny gets an MRI to see if his Alzheimer’s has progressed. The doctor who tells Denny the results says things have not gotten worse. Denny asks if what he has could be Mad Cow Disease. The doctor says it could, and that perhaps a lot of people have been misdiagnosed.

Shirley and Paul handle a teen’s hit-and-run accident in which a man was killed. The only reliable witness has Alzheimer’s. Shirley discredits the witness, but then goes to the hospital to see her father, who has Alzheimer’s. No wonder she was reluctant to try her case.

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  • Tyler Newton

    Thanks, but this was for the previous new episode of BL a few weeks ago, not the new one that aired last night.