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TV Review: Boston Legal – 10-11-05

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Boston Legal “Finding Nimmo”

Poor Alan! As he suspected, Tara breaks up with him. Alan doesn’t take the news well and lashes out. When he sees Tara’s hurt look, he apologizes. It’s obvious, though, that he meant every word. She says that she is not going back to Malcolm, but she feels the need to move on.

The detective that Catherine talked to about Bernard comes to see her. The police put a GPS device in Bernard’s car and he’s missing. Catherine denies that she has any idea where he is. As soon as the detective leaves, she goes to see Shirley. As a founding partner of Crane, Poole, and Schmidt, Shirley has heard and seen much. However, she is stunned that Catherine killed Bernard.

Meanwhile, Denny takes Alan to Nimmo Bay in Canada. During the helicopter flight, Alan complains, “I hate nature!”. His mood lifts when they go fly fishing. Despite being new to the task, Shore catches his first fish quickly. Denny has no luck, which is the perfect opportunity to slip “Dueling Banjos” from Deliverance into their scene.

Once their day is over, an attorney realizes that the famous Denny Crane is sitting nearby. The man informs Denny that the salmon population is being threatened by sea lice, and a trial of an offending factory is pending.

Back at the firm, Shirley, Brad, Lori, Tara, and Paul are discussing Catherine’s case. Paul reminds Shirley that the firm’s reputation sometimes must “come first” and Catherine should confess.

Brad, Tara, and Shirley go down in Catherine’s basement, searching for Bernard. Brad has the unfortunate task of opening the icebox and Bernard lies there, frozen solid. Tara and Shirley start screaming, and Catherine is taken to jail.

Alan has gotten into the spirit of outdoor living. He wears a Red Sox shirt to bed, and a raccoon cap on his head. Both Shore and Crane give new meaning to the phrase “male bonding” when morning comes and they are in the same twin bed. Denny is horrified. “We slept together!” he cries. Alan quickly attempts to placate him. “I won’t tell. I promise!”

Garrett and Sara solve Denise’s alimony problem. Since Reverend Diddums has a history of sexual harrassment, Sara feigns a romantic interest. When Diddums tries to gain a foothold, Garrett is watching by means of closed circuit television from another room. $100,000 and Denise will never have to give Tim more.

Brad and Shirley visit Catherine. Shirley assures Catherine that the firm will represent her. Catherine wants Alan.

Crane and Shore to the rescue! Denny sulks after getting into trouble for shooting a salmon. Alan reminds him that the sea lice trial may need their expert help. Once Tara fills Alan in on Canadian law, they crash the court proceedings wearing robes, ties, and wigs. Although Alan delivers their argument, Denny has the last two words. Wanna guess what he said?

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  • I thought this was one of the funnier episodes, especially the ‘cling-on’ star trek reference where Denny truley looked alarmed, like he should remember something (but maybe he can’t because of Mad Cow disease?)

  • I agree. With the large body of work that Shatner (and Spader too) has, it’s easy to throw in references during an episode. At some point, DS9, Benson, and Murphy Brown will get tossed in-Candice Bergen and Rene Auberjonois (Paul and Shirley)