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TV Review: Bones – “The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle”

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Well, I'm hot blooded, check it and see, I got a fever of a hundred and three!

This wasn't the first episode of Bones that involved the music world or even the rock industry, so someone on the staff must really love music. Maybe they wished they were record producers instead of working on a television show? It featured the return of Booth and Brennan's official song, and probably the happiest murderer in the history of the show.

A skull is found in a washing machine and they trace it to a missing boy who was in town for a music festival. There are hundreds of people there who play instruments and were hoping for a chance to play with a rock legend on stage in front of everyone. The victim was selected but mostly because of his money and power rather than any skill. It seemed pretty obvious from the beginning that one of the other rockers was responsible, and this turned out to be true. The guy who took his place on the stage with the legend did it, and as he's arrested he said it was totally worth it. Also he beat the guy with a special very expensive guitar and then cleaned it meticulously, thus how they knew it had to be a music lover. Sweets mentioned how he liked the killer more than the victim. Um. Inappropriate? Love of music is so not a good enough reason for murder.

As always the show was really about the interpersonal relationships. Booth and Brennan continue to date other people in a pointless attempt to build tension. Brennan obsessively talks about Booth's 'social contract' with Catherine because she bought him a tie. She's jealous. How surprising. Maybe she'll realize she's jealous at just the right time and beg him to give it a chance. Gasp. Anyway, she got a mix tape from Hacker (really?) and doesn't like Led Zeppelin. Foul, Brennan. Booth is very displeased about this, as anyone with an ear for music would be. The two also sing a duet of "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner earlier, which is a sweet call back to when they were still sort of in love and the audience had hope. They rock it out well too, with Brennan even attempting to play a guitar!

Also this week Cam got a love interest! Yay. Cam's always been a great character, and the last romance she had was with Angela's ex, so that's awkward. This is even more awkward, because it's with her adopted daughter's gyno. Yeah. Uncomfortable. It really does make sense in the episode, however, and they're very sweet together. Plus it shows her growing relationship with Michelle, and that's always nice. Angela and Hodgins have a flirty moment when he mentions something she does is "so hot," and then he replaces it with "interesting." Yes, because those two really need to take it slow at this point. Give us a bone, writers!

Best part of the episode: "Hot Blooded," no doubt about that. It was a very charming call back.

Worst part of the episode: Leave it to Seeley Booth to imply only bad kids have sex at 16. Exact quote is "She is a good girl, so she isn't having sex." Tell that to your girlfriend who had a baby out of wedlock, see how quickly that gets you a punch in the face, Booth.

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