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TV Review: Bones – “The Proof in the Pudding”

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It's so good to have Bones back on the air. This is a show that proves after five years it can still have excellent chemistry between the leads and humorous conversation. After all this time the characters are so distinct and believable that it's hard not to give a fansquee whenever they do something sweet to one another. The latest episode of Bones is about a mysterious skeleton and the Jeffersonian basically being kidnapped by men in black. Booth doesn't take too kindly to his squints being kidnapped, and hilarity ensues.

Richard T. Jones guest stars, and he plays Mr. White, the serious leader of some agents who come in and claim the Jeffersonian as their own. No one is allowed in or out until the team looks at very special bones and determines cause of death for the victim. They are not allowed to have any details about the person, and yet still come up with a reasonable theory from the bones alone. Everyone is trapped inside except for Booth, and he is very unhappy to find out his team is being messed around with.

Meanwhile inside there are all kinds of little dramas going on. Sweets is convinced they are being tested for some reason (Hodgins' paranoia is rubbing off!), Cam is freaked out that her adopted daughter might be pregnant after finding a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom, and Angela finally admits that it was actually hers. Ahhhhh! Wendell babies! Hodgins is supportive of his former fiancee, and this gives him honesty enough to admit he still loves her and wants to help her in any way possible. Aww, group hug. It's been a while since these two broke up, and while fans were disappointed when they split apart, everyone assumed someday they'd find their way back to one another. Here's hoping that it's soon, since there's a rumor going around that someone gets hitched by the end of the season.

Eventually Booth decides to just sneak his way into the Jeffersonian and then shoot out the door. It's a funny, cute scene, and they have to allow him to stay. The big news is that Hodgins and everyone else believes that the body is JFK. This means they are trying to figure out cause of death for the mystery of his assassination, and there is a story on the outside that people are trying to get JFK's body exhumed. Booth and Hodgins perform experiments to prove that one man could have killed JFK from that distance, and then Booth gets furious when Brennan proves scientifically that the story does not hold up. It's because Booth believes in the country and doesn't want to believe the government ever lied to him, because then he could have been lied to about why he was sniping people during the war.

Brennan declares it could not be JFK by weighting the bones, and when she does this last test Booth has to fight all the agents in the place to keep them from stopping her. It is left ambiguous as to whether this was actually JFK, although the show does imply that it was and that Brennan was just trying to protect Booth's faith by lying about it. Booth's boss comes in to try to save the day, but he forgets that Booth is the biggest badass on the show and has already fixed everything. Case closed … ish? This was an interesting change from the usual formula and it actually worked pretty well. Considering they never really left the lab, it was still entertaining the whole way through.

Angela is not pregnant — the test provided a false positive — but she seems to be relating to Hodgins again and they walked away arm in arm. Dare we dream?

Best part of the episode: Booth shooting his way in and then his hilarious weak "Bones?" from the floor after being tackled.

Worst part of the episode: His boss was on the boring side. Was he really necessary at all?

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  • Greg Adams

    I truly Love this show! It’s got comedy, romance, adventure, drama, and it’s truly a real treat to watch it! I look forward to this show coming as it’s about the only thing on tv that never goes dull! I hope it lasts forever!

  • Chelsea, you are so right–a show as witty as “Bones” doesn’t need comic relief (Booth’s boss). This episode was the most emotionally satisfying in a long time, and along with legions of fans, I have my fingers crossed that Angela and Hodgins will make it to the altar this spring. –Bob E.