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TV Review: Bones – “The Predator in the Pool”

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Now that Booth and Brennan have decided not to start dating one another, or rather Brennan refused him, it is time for the two to date other people. This provides no real problem, because they are both very attractive people. Here's the question though: it makes sense that Booth would want to find someone to love him, but Brennan indicated she couldn't be with him due to her own problems. Mostly, she had to protect him from her because she wasn't as open-hearted as he was.

Fair, but why does that mean she can date other men? Does she fully intend to just have short but endearing relationships with men and back out once it gets too intense? She did that with Sully, so perhaps that is true, but it seems strange for her to say that and then jump right back into dating Booth's boss. And his boss, Brennan? Come on. Insensitive, even if he says he doesn't care!

This is one of the prettier cases to ever fall in their laps, and while it seems strange to talk about a murder scene as 'pretty,' this time it really was. The body is found in an aquarium. First an arm is found in the stomach of a shark, and when the team go to the aquarium the shark was released from, a grouper spits out an entire skull. Hodgins and Brennan go into the aquarium in a very lovely scene underwater, and they find the rest of the body. It's from a self-help guru who wrote about how swimming with the sharks cured an injury that left him in a wheelchair.

A very beautiful woman named Catherine brought the case to them, and she and Booth flirt a little. He agrees to maybe date her once the case is over, since she's technically a suspect until then. Other suspects involved are a technician, everyone who worked there, and a group of school children who were there for a special overnight event. Using the pictures from the children's disposable cameras, Angela is able to get a semi-legible face of someone standing over the huge tank where the body was tossed. It's a boy who works there, and he admits he was paid money for something … but not for murder. And he can't explain why. He's tied to a mobster and it's crossed off as a murder, because he actually helped steal a filter to help the mobster with drug filtering.

Meanwhile Hacker and Brennan plan to date and she confesses she thought he just wanted to sleep with her, so she insisted on coffee. Now it's known that Brennan is not good with social niceties, but it is also known that she is very sexually adventurous and always seems confident in that area. It's hard to relate the two where she insists 'going to a play' meant sex. She's always been open and comfortable with sex before, it's about the only thing she seems at ease with. She used to talk about sex with Sully easily. Why is she being gun-shy about it now? Is it because of Booth or because it's just easier for the writers to think of funny dialogue if she's awkward and uncertain about it?

Angela and Hodgins are still dancing around the fact that they might have a thing for one another again. He makes a snide comment to Clark about Angela's breakup, and Clark very pointedly tells him to stop being a jerk, basically. Hodgins seems to take it to heart. They share a moment when Angela creates a virtual look at the aquarium which is beautiful, and the two enjoy it together. It's nice to see them back on track, even if it's mostly to give the fans something since they've gone a different direction with B&B for now.

The killer turns out to be the schoolteacher. She believed the self-help man and wanted to be healed for her own disease, but it turns out he was getting special surgery all along. He lied and she couldn't take it. She put his head in with a fish that poisoned him with a sting, and then dumped him in the water to drown and be eaten by the others. Yikes! Harsh.

In the end Booth and Brennan get dates with their new prospective love partners, and they talk about it. Awkwardly. They both point out that neither partners are as attractive or as intelligent as the two of them are. Then why bother dating them, guys? Ugh. Fine. Brennan does seem a tiny bit jealous about Catherine, but it is hard to tell. It'll likely be a matter of time before she openly is jealous and probably decides she loves Booth too much not to try it out. How shocking that will be. Note sarcasm. Overall the episode was an interesting one though, and the case was fun because of all the added aquarium beauty and the twists that came with it. Catherine, played by the lovely Rena Sofer, is at least a good character and she did seem to have genuine chemistry with David Boreanaz. The same cannot said about the actor portraying Hacker, but c'est la vie.

Best part of the episode: Sweets almost telling the kids there was a murder.

Worst part of the episode: Brennan dating Hacker. Why? They feel horribly mismatched.

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  • Isn’t there a rule about being involved with consultants, colleagues, etc? Surprised Daisy hasn’t had to look for a new job already. Brennan having coffee with Andrew is fine. Booth can safely date Catherine (tho the pairing is worse than Brenack).

  • I believe it’s frowned upon but not impossible in some cases. for example Sweets is a consultant of the FBI, he doesn’t exactly work at the Jeffersonian. It’s not awesome, but he probably wouldn’t get in trouble for it. Angela and Hodgins probably are allowed because they don’t have huge laws against it at the Jeffersonian.

    Booth and Brennan however would definitely be a problem.

  • Nicole

    Wow. I wish I knew about your reviews sooner! I went back and read some of your reviews. Honestly, they are a breath of fresh air! It’s good to know you don’t sit back and kiss the shows ass, like most bloggers and columnists do and you actually call out the problems. So, right on! Also, I like that you talk about ALL the characters and not just focus on B/B(I’m not for the B/B relationship, but like Booth and Brennan individually). I’ll be reading your reviews from now on.

    Great review for this episode. I really liked this episode because it wasn’t overly focused on the B/B bs and the amazing supporting cast got to shine. Plus, Brennan spending quality time in the lab is ALWAYS a good thing. I was a little disappointed we didn’t get enough Cam, but Hodgins in a wetsuit and Booth smiling with Catherine, made up for it 🙂 David and Rena had great chemistry. It’s a shame she only agreed to do one episode.