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TV Review: Bones – “The Mastodon in the Room”

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Bones is back! Everyone rejoice! Last season ended with a lot of big changes, including Brennan and Booth admitting their feelings but not getting together. Brennan couldn’t handle the pressure, and Booth said he’d have to move on. They really did move on to entirely different locations, with Brennan heading off to a big important anthropological study with Daisy, and Booth going back to war. Angela and Hodgins were married and took a vacation to Paris for a few months, Sweets was left heartbroken and alone by Daisy, and Cam was just … Cam. Booth and Brennan agreed to meet one year later back in DC.

Unfortunately they didn’t make it that long. They are all called back in by the wonderful prosecutor Caroline Julian. Cam is in trouble because the media is obsessing over the body of a child found, and she cannot figure out the case. She is focused on another case she deems more important, but politically she’s in a tight spot and people are looking to take her down. Brennan is fighting off bad guys and not really getting anywhere in her study, and Booth saves a little boy from an insurgent but feels like he’s abandoning his own son back home. Everyone agrees to come back to help Cam figure out the case so she won’t be in trouble. Aw!

Very quickly the team figures out that the corpse is not the child everyone is looking for. That means there are two cases this week instead of just one. The child is Asian and was accidentally killed by choking. He’s a North Korean immigrant and he was bound and held down by a ceremonial robe, rather then by any sign of foul play. His mother is found, she grieves, and Booth finds a way to help the poor lady out. Meanwhile in the case that caused trouble in the first place, Booth is keeping his eye on everything and Sweets seems interested by it as well. It should’ve been a big red flag that Sweets focused on the father, and it is said that a great many kidnappings are committed by the estranged parent. The father in this case thought his ex-wife was not healthy enough to take care of a child and kidnapped him. It was also just vengeance against the wife. Not cool, daddy, not cool at all!

As usual the story really is about all the characters coming together again. Cam is actually upset that they all abandoned her. Wendell comes back to be Brennan’s assistant, even though the rest of the interns are gone. Booth is dating a war reporter, and Brennan was surprised at first, but she does seem to have a healthy response to him moving on. Bittersweet, but probably happy for him too. Sweets and Daisy are rocky and no longer engaged, but they still have a great deal of passion for one another. Angela is pregnant! Yay! That was the best news.

The gang is back together and while it didn’t seem that hard, it’s probably because they missed one another. Everyone’s licked their wounds and moved past the drama. While the fans know that Booth and Brennan belong together, it was nice to see her take in stride his new relationship. The season started out feeling good, which is in direct contrast to the finale feeling so sad, so that’s great!

Best part of the episode: Angela is pregnant!

Worst part of the episode: Does this mean no more revolving interns? Aw.

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  • Daisy is still around. She and Sweets may be no longer, but she could work for the Jeffersonian a bit more. Booth thought the dad a likely suspect before Sweets did – dad got detained after mom left, remember?

  • Chelsea

    I wonder if they’re just going to hire Daisy or Wendell and make an end to the interns. What do you think Nancy?

    And good point about Booth!

  • Chris

    Gotta say, I was stoked about the return of this show. I feel let town. The writing is just too weak. So Booth just up and left Afghanistan after a call on his personal sat phone he took into the field? Dereliction of duty anyone? Brennan and daisy are carrying out this study in Indonesia completely alone? Suddenly the prosecutor who had a large supporting role is the glue that holds them all together? Just too many stretches. I’m afraid that save the fact that Angela and Hodgins are married, this whole story line is going to be ignored. I just don’t like the way that everything was resolved instantly. Too pat. End of rant, and sorry for the length.