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TV Review: Bones – “The Gamer in the Grease”

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Okay, we know that FOX can be a total advertising whore sometimes, but they went a little far in last week's episode of Bones with the Avatar pimping. Half of the episode was dedicated to waiting in line for the movie, and one has to wonder how much moolah was shelled out from James Cameron's pocket to do that. You already have a crazy high budget, Cameron. Stop spending. That being said, it was within personality traits of the characters, so we can forgive them. Reluctantly.

The episode starts out with finding the victim of the week, a mailman who is thrown into a grease tank. This is one of the grossest openings the show has had for awhile, since he starts out with skin and then when they lift him out of the tank it all flops off. With his organs. Gross, Bones. That'll teach me for having dinner while I watch. Brennan figures out he is a mailman through deductive reasoning with her intern of the week, Fischer. He's the depressing Goth intern.

It turns out the mailman is actually a semi-famous competitive gamer called Steve Rifton. He's the only current player who has received a perfect score on a game called Punky Pong. This is a cute cross between Pong and Donkey Kong. The competitive gaming world is one just as intense as normal sports, so there are plenty of suspects, including a rival who hated him, the business partner who let him play in his arcade, and a former champion. There is also a father who was creeped out by Rifton watching his autistic son playing the game all the time. Yeah, that would be creepy.

Meanwhile the B story of this episode is that Hodgins, Sweets, and Fischer all plan to wait in line to see the movie Avatar. They camp out for days and each rotate shifts so they can keep their spot. This provides several amusing moments as they try to juggle their responsibilities with the movie line. Eventually Sweets ends up there for a long shift and meets a sexy girl geek. He's been feeling awkward about Fischer's admission that he has slept with almost 100 girls. Sweets, maybe he has, but you can tell he hasn't had many lasting relationships. The guy is at least partially a nut job.

So Sweets flirts with the hot geek girl, even if he has a girlfriend, and stupidly goes into their tent with her. She does manage to steal a kiss from him, but eventually he runs away from the temptation. I don't know if Daisy will see it that positively, since he did know better. Fischer does end up slipping into the tent with her, but doing so makes him miss the movie when the line moves. Hodgins reassures Sweets that it is the quality of sex and not the quantity that matters, and they leave Fischer outside to go watch. Guy vengeance! Harsh.

Eventually Brennan figures out that Rifton wasn't actually a champion. She notices that the machine he played on to win wasn't the same machine as the one in the arcade. He had the autistic boy win and then stole all the credit for himself. It's easy to deduce who the murderer was then, especially when Hodgins links the murder particulates with peacocks from a golf course. It was the autistic boy's father who felt Rifton was stealing something special from his son and lost his head. Later on Booth and Brennan talk about it and he is understanding about the man's desire to protect his son, but she pointed out that his son didn't know or care if someone took his credit. They then play the game together, and it's all very cute.

For all you Hodgins/Angela fans out there, they had a very nice little scene in this when Hodgins was in a wifebeater. Speaking of which… hellooo, T.J. Thyne,  when did you get so jacked? Rrrowr. Anyway she finally sees the tattoo that her father forced on him, and he seems to have no interest in taking it off. She demands he zaps it and looks a little shaken. It's 'cause he still believes in you/him, Angela. Get a clue!

The Avatar pimping was annoying, but it really fit the geeky characters of Sweet, Hodgins, and Fischer so it worked. Plus it was nice to see them outside of the lab and being funny together. This week's episode looks about ten times better because Brennan strips Booth down to his undies for "evidence." Bow chicka wow wow. Is that what we're calling it now?

Bones is on FOX Thursday nights at 8 PM EST.

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