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TV Review: Bones – “The Foot in the Foreclosure”

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Brennan's family has played a prominent role in Bones over the years, and it's about time we get more background for Booth and his personal life. His brother provided some insight into the abusive household Booth grew up in, but now we meet Hank, Booth's grandfather, who has a secret he's holding — a very emotional one that hopefully will come out to the FBI agent in upcoming episodes.

The murder of the week involves two people burned to ashes on a bed. The house is being sold by the owner, who recently lost his wife, and one of the victims turns out to be someone who was checking the house out to buy. Or maybe just to find a place to get a little something-something. At first the gang is given very little, just a pile of ashes and some bone fragments and a single foot. Yuck.

The real story is that Booth's grandfather Hank is staying with him for a little while, and he's a breath of fresh air. Booth is clearly very attached to him, and Hank calls him Shrimp and loves Brennan at first sight. He also teases Sweets about his youth, something that Booth does all the time. Trouble starts to come up, however, when Hank starts to exhibit some memory problems. He is talented at customer service when they go to a Wal-Mart type store, and likes big-bottomed girls. He thinks his grandson is stupid for not being with Brennan, and tells them both this. The fans clearly love him, because he's a B&B shipper from the get-go.

Booth and Brennan investigate the murder and find out that one of the victims was a young woman named Meg who recently lost a great deal of weight. Her sexual appetites reflected her former weight problem since she was a "feeder" — she liked to feed her partners food while they were together. Booth doesn't get all over this slight kink like he usually does with sexual issues, so maybe he's loosening up. They go to a club and bring Pops because he's been forgetting to take his heart meds. Uh-oh. The club is for "big-boned" individuals and the people who love them. Brennan is instantly accosted for being skinny, of course, but they get an identification for Meg and her probable sexual partner, Hugo. She stopped coming when she lost the weight, but Hugo was a big man.

They manage to confirm her identity and inform her roommate, and figure out that Hugo and Meg were probably making love in the bed when they were found and killed. But by who? The real estate agent trying to sell the place? The roommate who wanted surgery for her weight and Meg stole it? No to both. The Squints figure this out the old fashioned way with awesome scientific analysis. It's always wonderful to watch the Squints toss around ideas and kick butt with their brains. Lately we've been moving away from the actual crimes and focusing on the personal lives of the characters. It isn't necessarily a bad thing; we love the characters. But it'd be nice to have more of a balance again. Plus how long has it been since there has been an intense and even dangerous storyline on the show? The scariest thing lately was Booth's brain tumor. Let's get back to the Gravedigger level of scary!

They analyze the fragments and figure out from the wooden residue that they were killed by something in the bed. The owner of the house is a carpenter and he made head statues of himself and his wife. Angela digitally created a wooden nose earlier as the weapon and thought it was hilarious, but it turns out to be completely true. The owner found them having sex in the bed he made for his wife and was overcome with rage and grief. He killed them both. Angela calls it romantic, and everyone stares at her like she's crazy. Maybe the Wendall thing is going well. Clark is our intern this week and shows he's not all professional coldness since he connects to Booth's love for his grandfather. Clark was close with his as well. Aw. He has a heart. Who knew?

In the end, Pops knows that he has to go back to the home where he can be taken care of. He confessed earlier to Brennan that it was his fault Booth's dad left. He found out Booth's dad was abusing him, and he told him to leave and never come back. Then he raised the boys himself. He asks Brennan to tell him some day and give him a hug. It is so sweet I might get a cavity. I really hope we do see this happen on the show. Maybe on the Christmas episode? Pops goes back to the home and says farewell to them, encouraging both to open their hearts to one another. Okay, seriously, now everyone on the show wants B&B to be together. What's the hold up! If they tease this out for another season, I think we might need to organize a riot. Everyone with me?

Best part of the episode: The story of how Pops protected his grandsons. Pretty much everything he did.

Worst part of the episode: There wasn't anything too bad this week. It would've been nice to have more of the other characters, and for the case to actually matter.

The next episode is in two weeks, so enjoy your Turkey Day and be ready for Bones to come back in December!

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