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TV Review: Bones – “The Dwarf in the Dirt”

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Hey everyone, do you know that Booth and Brennan are in love? Of course you do. Even when someone only tunes in to the show Bones for one episode, he or she knows quickly that these two partners are deeply infatuated with one another. And now everyone on the show openly acknowledges this fact; everyone except for Brennan. Want to hurry on up to this realization, Brennan, so we can get some smoochies this season? Thanks.

The corpse of the week is a dwarf wrestler who the FBI finds dropped in a hole in the ground. Booth and the squints are on the case. Investigating the dwarf leads to the wrestling ring where he fought as a Leprechaun, for real, and his replacement leads them to the manager of the wrestling ring. She's a sassy woman who used to sleep with the victim, but apparently he dumped her. She is also none too happy with him regarding a lawsuit and the fact that she didn't give him as much money as he wanted from her for payment. The other suspects include his prison cell mate, his average-sized brother, and his brother's wife.

Meanwhile Booth is having a crisis because he is not shooting as well. He was a sniper with perfect aim, and now it seems to have gone awry. Fearing it has to do with his brain tumor, he goes to Sweets first for advice, but backs away from the eager therapist when he realizes Sweets has to report to the FBI. So he finds his wonderful and much missed former therapist Gordon (we love you, Stephen Fry) who is now a chef. Gordon as always makes everything on the show better, and he agrees to come in and consult with Sweets about Booth's current problem.

It turns out that the victim was let out early because he planned to rat out his cell mate, but the cell mate says he willingly did it because he wanted to help. What? Alright. The victim had a secret girlfriend, and it doesn't take long for the two therapists to piece the whole story together very fast. He was having an affair with his brother's wife! The surprising thing is that she admits she has been with him secretly since high school, and yet married to his brother for ten years. That's awful. His poor brother — who clearly is the murderer and there is no real suspense or surprise there. His brother secretly knew and lost his head, and the victim wanted to rob a nearby pawn shop. After getting the money, the brother shot him. Tragic.

Sweets admits that the reason he hasn't published his book on Booth and Brennan is that he concludes they're in love with one another. And he doesn't feel comfortable printing that since they haven't come to grips with it. Gordon gives no real opinion on that, although he does come right out and talk to Booth on the subject. Booth does acknowledge that he is still in love with Brennan, thus proving it has nothing to do with his brain damage (duh), but he is convinced she feels nothing for him. Anyone else want to strangle him? Ahhh! Gordon suggests that Brennan come to the shooting range with Booth when he takes an FBI test to be reinstated, and he won't refuse with her there. Ta da, he was right.

Just get together already! Agh! If every single person on the show knows by now, what's the hold-up?

Best part of the episode: Stephen Fry. He should be on the show all the time.

Worst part of the episode: It was really obvious who the killer was.

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  • Cass

    They haven’t shown that Hodgins has yet caught on, to my recollection. So it’s Brennan and Hodgins in the proverbial dark.

  • Good point, Cass, although I always thought Hodgins knew from the beginning. He has been rather quiet this season, hasn’t he? Hodgins needs his own storyline!

  • Missed the killer entirely. Thought it might have been the guy who met Brennan and Booth at the scene. Nice to see Sweets and Gordon Gordon together again.

  • Moo

    Did anyone catch the Simpsons references in this episode?

  • Gaz

    I saw the x-ray of Homer Simpson at the beginning, but what was with the people with the clipboards getting the characters to sign for things? In one scene Cam signed three in rapid succession!

  • Enthea

    The characters you are refering to are all writers (maybe producers) of the simpsons. I recogniced one of them at 20.24.

  • Einar

    The police officer they talk to a couple of times is the guy who does Homer’s voice (among others) on the Simpsons 😀

  • Yeah I saw the Simpsons references. I thought it was funny to see Dan Castellaneta, but I didn’t think much more of it until i saw the X-Ray of Homer’s head. I like jumped up when I saw it and had my brother rewind it. The writer cameos were funny, but it would have been better if it hadn’t been so obvious. If you hadn’t known who they were, as most probably didn’t, it just seemed weird xD