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TV Review: Bones – “The Death of the Queen Bee”

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For the 100th episode, the Bones writers decided to stretch out the will-they-won't-they relationship of Brennan and Booth rather than just going for it. Fans were not too happy about it. This is the aftermath episode, and to be honest there is very little actual aftermath for either of the characters. It is brought up twice with some awkwardness, and then brushed aside by Booth both times. On one hand that really works for his character and how he loves denial, but on the other it's not the most satisfying conclusion to such a massive change in their partnership. The writers try to appease the audience by moving back to the Angela/Hodgins relationship, which admittedly is very nice. They are rather adorable.

Two girls plan to try out the message in Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" song in a secluded barn, and a raccoon comes out of nowhere, bringing a skull with it. Understandably the girls freak out and shall never try to kiss one another again, until college at the least. This happened in Brennan's home town right before her high school reunion, naturally, and she finds the rest of the body slain in a ceremonial way. While in school, another of her classmates was murdered just like this, so Booth and Brennan are on the case. They have to pretend to be a married couple going to her reunion to get in close and look at all the possible suspects. When the body happens to be that of the former prom queen, the reunion is definitely the place where the murderer will be hanging out!

This episode is a great way to go back to Brennan as a teenager, and to remember that being her is not exactly easy. Football star Booth would do well to remember that, since her rejection of him at least partly came from her uneasy background. In school she was too 'creepy' for the students and she had no friends. The only friend she had was the death-loving janitor who says all kinds of weird, suggestively evil things. He looks like he should be in a Scooby Doo episode. Then there's the prom king husband as a suspect, the pretty blond best friend, the fellow student who lost her job because of the victim, and the nerdy guy who was rejected one too many times.

Meanwhile back at the lab, the team gets on the case and starts looking for the murder weapon. Wendell is the intern this week, which is very important since he's Angela's boyfriend and they've got to break up STAT. In an earlier episode Angela had a pregnancy scare, and Hodgins promised to help her raise the baby and do whatever she needed. This has stayed with her, and Wendell finds out through Hodgins what happened — she never told him! He says he would have definitely been there for her and done the right thing. He's very sweet, but Angela points out that he would've done the right thing out of obligation, whereas Hodgins was happy at the idea of raising a baby with her. He's like five, Angela. You knew what you were getting into. She gently breaks up with him, and he's sad but nice about everything. He already knows she's going to hook up again with Hodgins, as does everyone else, but it doesn't happen just yet.

The weapon turns out to be a collection of decorative stars that come falling down while Booth and Brennan dance. They dance like complete dorks and it's so cute, and then they slow dance to Seal's "Kiss From a Rose." Booth is not altogether comfortable with it, and Brennan apologizes. She never went to her prom so she thought it would be fun. Booth gives in and they share a quiet, longing slow dance. And the fans are getting fed the BS again. Lovely. The killer turns out to be the blond cheerleader best friend who is obsessed with the victim's husband. She swears they planned to seduce him together and 'share' him. Awesomely weird. She had a look of crazy eyes in the beginning.

At the end of the episode Booth and Brennan have a drink with everyone, and Brennan proves how much she's changed over the years. She toasts to the real friends she has made in her life, and genuinely tells them how much she appreciates them. It's very sweet and reminds the audience that their bond as a team is even stronger than that of any romance. Not a bad episode altogether, and while it was surprising there was no real angst, it probably was designed to give the fans a breather after the heartbreaking 100th episode.

Best part of the episode: The last scene with everyone happy and drinking.

Worst part of the episode: The creepy janitor was a little too hokey.

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  • Consdering Angela and Hodgins have been on and off for YEARS, I’d expect the baby would be likely his. Cam ran the test again, and it turned out false positive. Meaning Ang never preggers. Wendell didn’t need to be told.