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TV Review: Bones – “The Boy with the Answer”

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Wow, Bones, way to come out swinging like a champ this week! This season has been fairly even with some solid episodes but generally not very memorable storylines yet, other than ruining Booth and Brennan, and the wonderful wedding of Angela and Hodgins last week. This was going to be a big episode just because it brought back one of the best villains of the entire show, the Gravedigger. Former Attorney Heather is just terrifying and the actress tears this part up, making her the easiest to hate bad guy ever on the show.

The show starts right out intense and letting the viewers know this will not be an amusing episode. Brennan is in the midst of a nightmare where Hodgins is crying and bleeding, Booth is drowning, and she is buried alive. Fans of the show already know what this is about since all of these things happened already. Brennan and Hodgins were kidnapped by the serial killer the Gravedigger years ago and then just last season, before the brain tumor, Booth was taken and trapped on a boat by the same diabolical killer. All three survived (obviously), but now it's time for the trial. Heather is defending herself, and that is ten times more dangerous than any other lawyer, because she's a shark. She's terrifying, dangerous, brilliant, and completely psychotic. If she gets out there is no doubt in anyone's minds she will go after these people again and finish the job. Now they just have to convince a jury to put her away!

Heather starts right out causing trouble by getting all the evidence they found by Seeley's brother thrown out, because it was through an illegal warrant. None of them knew that at the time, but that doesn't excuse it. Now there's very little proof left. There's only one victim missing, a little boy taken in the episode they captured her, and she taunts Brennan in court about "numbers." This leads them to find the GPS location of the boy, but the problem is none of them can act as lead witnesses because they're part of the case itself. Brennan decides to drop her kidnapping charge against Heather so she can work on the boy. Hodgins is reluctant and horrified to do that, considering how long his PTSD has been going about this, but she convinces him. Booth does as well with the other two, so now they can all investigate the case to take her down for the murder.

Very little seems to be coming out of the case, and Heather is downplaying everything they do. She's a fantastic lawyer, and you can see how a jury might just believe her. Meanwhile Brennan's dad Max is freaking out because he thinks she's going to go free and kill his daughter, so he goes after Heather with a sniper. Booth manages to stop him and puts Max in jail until the case is over. Hodgins is having a really difficult time dealing with everything, and he asked Angela not to say anything about their wedding until it's over and he has some closure. Awww. It must be said that everyone acts the hell out of this episode, and it's a hard one because of how emotional everything was. For long time fans this will resonate beautifully because of how we went through it with them, but new fans might be confused about what is going on.

Brennan tries to appeal to the jury with a slightly more detailed explanation of how the boy was murdered. It's Hodgins who comes through though, because Booth gives Brennan the idea that the boy might have bitten her. The teeth are cleaned, but Hodgins finds a dust mite in his teeth that had enough DNA to target Heather. She looks genuinely frightened, but manages to try and twist it as a conspiracy against her from all these 'trauma' survivors. It doesn't matter though, because all this is enough to sink her. Justice prevails! It would've been pretty intense if she had gotten off, but it was nice to get a happy ending there anyway. Plus she promises Brennan it isn't over.

Hodgins and Angel do announce they're married and everyone is very happy for them. They celebrate at the bar together. However there's an indication that some big news might be happening next week. Brennan told Booth over the course of the episode that she's burnt out, and she's expressing doubt about helping the FBI anymore. There's an ominous look she gives him in the end as she drives away in a taxi. Obviously she can't leave the show for long, as it is about her, but it will be interesting if she struggles with being a researcher or a crime fighter. That's something she's questioned for years, but never directly addressed.

Next week is the finale!

Best part of the episode: The bar scene at the end with everyone celebrating. Very sweet.

Worst part of the episode: This was a good one. Nothing comes to mind.

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  • oma

    No victim families in the courtroom having to be restrained!!!! Why not!

  • Doubt the families wanted to be in the courtroom. I get the impression Heather wanted to be caught. Why else would she tell Brennan and Squints where the last body was? All that’s left is sentencing. Unless she escapes…

  • Amanda

    Did you notice the resonance in the “cab driving away” scene, with the first time Brennan drove away from Booth, on their first case, just after he drunkenly fired her? I thought it was a very well-done parallel.