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TV Review: Bones – “Harbingers In the Fountain”

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Finally, the fifth season of Bones has premiered on TV and it came back with a vengeance. Let's face it, after last season's finale a lot of fans were pretty angry. They were promised – promised! – that Booth and Brennan would finally end up in bed together, and they even promised it would not be a hallucination or a dream. The latter was a big fat lie; Booth got a brain tumor and had a coma dream that he and Brennan were married and owned a bar. The alternative life was an interesting one that still led to them solving murders, but the big change was that Booth loved Brennan and they were having a baby together. It has been five years, okay? No more will they or won't they! Take a risk and hook them up, or soon FOX will have a fan riot on its hands.

The premiere starts six weeks after Booth wakes up from his coma, and it seems that he struggled to distinguish dream from reality. For awhile he still thought he was married to his Bones, and that all the Squints were actually workers at his bar. Brennan — being so awesome at handling emotional problems — ran off to a foreign country. Booth is cleared for duty just as Brennan returns to the Jeffersonian, and they luckily have a case just fall into their laps. Avalon (seriously, that's her name, and Cyndi Lauper plays her) is a psychic friend of Angela's and she keeps saying creepily insightful things about Brennan and Booth belonging together. This means the entire audience loves her just on principle.

Avalon informs them that there are many bodies underneath a fountain in a public location, and Booth is so eager to prove he's ready to get back out there he jumps right on the case. It turns out she told the truth, and this makes her the very first suspect on their list of killers. Because psychics totally don't exist … just ask the Mentalist. There is a lot of underlying tension in this episode, and it becomes more clear when Booth takes Cam out for a drink and basically confesses he's in love with Brennan. Everyone watching at home: SQUEAL! Cam on the screen: DUH!

Things get a little creepier when one of the bodies get identified by Angela as Avalon herself. Ah, twin sisters. Still usable plot cliches after all this time. It turns out that she and her sister were in a cult where this guy promised they'd all go to an underwater bunker and live out their days in peace. It seems pretty silly, except all the members had MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) which means they were sensitive to all sorts of chemicals that we use in modern America. They were basically allergic to the 21st century, so going underground might be the only way to survive comfortably. Instead of finding their Atlantis, though, they all ended up dead under a fountain. Bones can still be so very depressing.

Sweets thinks that Avalon might actually be a real psychic, and this is why he confronts Booth about his feelings for Brennan. He shows Booth charts that prove scientifically his love was manufactured by the dream and isn't real. He and Cam give the same advice, not to screw it up with Brennan until he is sure because she wouldn't be able to take it. This is actually rather sweet if you think about it; they both are protecting Brennan and know her enough to worry about her emotional pain. It does rattle Booth enough that when he can confess, he messes it up. Everyone watching at home: NOOOOO!

You'll have to see the episode to learn how it ends, but it does seem like Cyndi Lauper could be a guest star again. She was surprisingly entertaining and not as annoying as many on-screen psychics. Plus she sang a song for the episode and it was beautiful; they could use a little Lauper magic on the soundtrack.

Overall this was an excellent start to the season, making up for the questionable jumping-the-sharkness that the finale had last year. There are real problems from Booth's mental illness that have to be addressed, and okay, maybe he is right to wait before confessing to Brennan. Don't stone me! We all know that they've been in love since the end of season one, but the characters are a little dense in the heart department. It is a big step for this show to have at least one of the partners fully aware of his feelings. Does that mean this is the season it finally happens? Yes, please.

Where were the revolving interns this episode? Does anyone else miss Hodgins' wild curly reddish hair? Is Caroline becoming a main character? Tune in next week at 8 PM EST on FOX as usual for the next Bones case.

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  • Oh, now I’m sad again that I missed the premier last night. Technological void at my house. Great review, Chelsea, thanks!

  • Christy I’m assuming they’ll have the episode up on Fox in a few days, so keep your eye out for it. It was totally worth it!

  • TNT runs Bones eps all the time. I was wondering if this was going to be covered. Nice work Christy!
    Doubt Caroline is main character. DA’s usually are in many eps simply because they work closely with law enforcement to handle criminal cases.

  • Oops, read that wrong. Meant to say Chelsea did a nice job with the review.

  • Haha, no problem Nancy. I knew what you meant! Yeah, I watch the repeats on TNT all the time for fun. I really miss Zack on the show. I agree Caroline will probably not be a main character, but she’s getting enough screen time to almost be one!