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TV Review: Bones – “A Night at the Bones Museum”

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This is the last Bones episode until next month thanks to sports taking over TV, and it was a good one to end with for a little break. It's always nice to see Brennan get back to her roots in anthropology and to remember that she's more than just a crime scientist; she changes history! As usual they throw in a little sexual tension, a little romance, and a few dead bodies. Plus the return of the most annoying intern ever. Yaaaay.

An innocent man gets zapped by a mummy, which is pretty WFT when you think about it, but Brennan's more excited about figuring out the mummy then caring much about the death part of it. After Sweets begs her to let his girlfriend Daisy try to be her intern again, Brennan agrees, but on a trial basis. Daisy, for all of you who tried to keep her out of your memory, is super energetic and annoying and says whatever she thinks. A good portion of the episode is dedicated to the weirdly adorable love between her and Sweets, and while it's nice to see the young shrink getting some, we could keep that off camera. It's hard not to still seem him as the cute teenage nerd from Freaks and Geeks, okay?

Anyway it takes the team a bit to figure out that the mummy is a very special historical figure from Egypt, and that he was actually on loan to the Jeffersonian. Brennan geeks out with Daisy in a hilarious fashion, as they seem to have discovered some things about the mummy that are very unique. There also seems to have been something inside the mummy that was important, although they can't figure out what. They find the doctor responsible for the mummy murdered, so now it is really on. Dr. Caswell was looking over the corpse and studying it while it was transferred from Egypt to the US. Everyone's a little sad about a death in the family, but Brennan's all business as usual. She has other things to worry about.

It looks like Booth's boss, Andrew, has a thing for Brennan and asks her out. In typical fashion Booth is pretty threatened and jealous over it, although he handles it a lot more subtly this time around. You would think after discovering he's in love with her he'd have more trouble, but he is fairly calm. He just requests they don't talk about him, because it is his boss. Naturally, Brennan does talk about him, because they're obsessed with one another. Aw. Booth utters the romantically intense line, "What goes on between us is ours." How can they frustrate me by never getting these two together and still make me feel a little swoon-y over that BS? Ugh!

An Egyptian scientist comes over pretty angry over the mummy, especially considering there was a giant ruby inside of his heart. That's what the murderer was probably after, and she's all like 'you guys ruined priceless artifacts, meh!' She and Brennan make friends after they suspect her of the murder, and they geek out some more over the history. It turns out there was an inscription inside the mummy about him being 'guiltless,' which apparently means he didn't deserve the death he had. It could change the story of this figure significantly and they're very excited about it, although as expected Booth doesn't really care about that so much. He's more interested in the murderer.

Who happens to be … drum roll please … her supervisor. He helped Booth and Brennan earlier to get all of her files (some were stolen), but it turns out he hid the cat scans which showed the ruby in the first place. He needed the money. Surprising. It was nice to see Brennan back in her historical world, since one of the best parts about her character is the anthropological background. Daisy and Sweets fight the whole time and then make up in one of the special ancient vaults. Angela and Hodgins used to love it down there too. I hope someone goes and cleans that area regularly, because if not … eew. Brennan has a party to celebrate her find and she invites Booth. They almost kiss. We fans sigh and are still sucked in to this romance.

You know what would be interesting? Seeing Brennan jealous of Booth for once! She never really seems to care who he dates, but it has been awhile so it would be interesting to have the shoe on the other foot for once.

Best part of the episode: "What goes on between us is ours." Boreanaz just really sold that line with his intensity.

Worst part of the episode: Daisy is still really, really annoying.

See you in November!

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