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TV Review: Beyond the Break

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Beyond the Break is the newest show on The N. It premiered three weeks ago and new episodes air Fridays at 8:30 PM ET. When I first heard of this show, I was annoyed that The N was giving such a good time slot to a show that sounded so stupid. I have got to say that the rookie show surprised me.

There was nothing to watch on TV, so I decided to tune in for the series premiere of Beyond the Break. I was extremely close-minded, but after the first ten minutes, I was really getting into it. Beyond the Break turned out to a pretty good show.

Beyond the Break is the story of four different girls with only one thing in common: surfing. In the pilot, three of the four girls are being sponsored for surfing by a company called Wave Sync. Dawn (Suzie Pollard) is the rich girl who stays out flirting with hot guys. Kai (Sonya Balmores) is native to Hawaii. She is shunned by her friends when she gets the sponsorship. Birdie (Tiffany Hines) is struggling with getting a job. They live with their coach, Justin (David Chokachi), and his assistant, Shoe (Jason Tam), who is in charge of keeping the boards clean. Shoe has a huge crush on Dawn, who doesn't seem to notice him much. They have an annoying, but hot, next door neighbor by the name of Bailey (Ross Thomas II). The last girl, Lacey Farmer (Natalie Ramsey), comes from an abusive household. She hopes that if she travels to Hawaii, Wave Sync will give her a sponsorship. She was strongly considered until Wave Sync saw her criminal record. Forced to stay in Hawaii because of her mother's drunk boyfriend, she has to prove that she belongs, regardless of her record.

I am not a surfer. In fact, I know nothing about surfing, nor have I shown much interest in learning about surfing. So why watch a show that is about four girls whose lives revolve around surfing? Because it's interesting. Within five minutes, I was already hooked. It's full of drama and interesting plots. But what I really enjoy about it is the characters. Previously, I described Dawn as "the rich girl who stays out flirting with hot guys." But, she's so much more than that. She seemed secretive about her home life in the second episode. This made Birdie wonder if her roommate was a drug dealer! How else would Dawn be able to afford wine that cost hundreds of dollars? Or why else would she be getting packages from BOLIVIA? Well, we find out that Dawn is not a drug dealer, rather she just doesn't want to be treated as the hot little rich girl. This is missing in a lot of shows these days. Usually, when a character is rich, they tend to flaunt it.

Lacey is also an interesting character. Her mom's boyfriend is a drunk. He asks her, in the pilot, to use her fake ID to go get him some beer. When she refuses, he threatens to hit her, causing her to run off to Hawaii. Surfing is the only thing that's kept her sane. The writers of the show were extremely smart when developing the characters.

With great characters comes great actors. The casting agency was good at selecting a solid cast with equal talent. Natalie Ramsey, who plays Lacey, did a tremendous job in the pilot. Lacey is told she cannot have a sponsorship because of her criminal past. When Lacey calls home, the boyfriend threatens her life if she comes home. She has a complete meltdown and then turns to alcohol. To make matters worse, when she arrives back to the motel, she finds the owner of the motel called the cops on her. Natalie's acting was super. It was such a challenging acting role, but she pulled it off with flying colors.

So my lesson learned? Don't judge a book by its cover or something along those lines. Every once and a while a show comes on that leaves you pleasantly surprised.

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  • mina

    i love it, too!!!!!!!!!! and i love DJ, he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!! and hot of course!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    I LOVE BEYOND THE BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS …HOT!!!!1

  • Maddy

    Hey Jackie,

    Thanks for commenting. The show is on the-N is your interested. I highly recommend it.

    Yes, you may call me Maddy. 🙂


  • Everyone calls her Maddy except her mother.

  • I haven’t heard of this show — you make it sound very intriguing! (And, no, I haven’t surfed in decades…) Nice review, Maddy. (May I call you Maddy?) 😉