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TV Review: American Idol – Top Six Results

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The American Idol top six results show opened with the Idols performing "All I Ask of You" with Andrew Lloyd Webber. This is the song that Carly Smithson almost sang on Tuesday, but didn't. After the group song, Ryan announced the summer tour dates, along with a mention that the song competition has come to an end.

Moving on, the video recap of the top six's performances played. As I listened, I wondered if I got it wrong in my rankings. Jason sounded worse than I remembered, and Syesha sounded even better. Brooke and Jason "should" be in the bottom two, but I couldn't help thinking it's not going to be them. Or – at least, it wasn't going to be one of them.

After the video recap, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ryan chatted on stage about the difficulty of Lloyd Webber songs and the contestants. Andrew cheered on Brooke by saying he felt bad for her (in regards to the second start of her song), and that she was flawless in rehearsal. And, humorously, when questioned by Ryan if all the contestants followed his advice, Lloyd Webber responded that he didn't think Jason listened to any of it. He also commented that Jason's song choice was the most "curious" he's ever encountered.

After the commercial break, Ryan got down to business and calls David Archuleta and David Cook to the stage. Okay, unless something really wonky happened – this was a no-brainer. I worried for a second, because you never know (I'm still recovering from losing Michael Johns!), but at the end of it – both Davids were safe.

This week's Ford commercial was highly entertaining! The top six punked out and performed "Tainted Love." I have to say – all of them looked pretty believable in their punk-makeup/clothes, even David Archuleta!

Broadway performances were discussed and a montage of past Idols involved in stage productions came next. LaKisha Jones and Fantasia (The Color Purple), Diana DeGarmo (Hairspray), Tamyra Gray (Rent), and Clay Aiken (Spamalot) were all featured, but Tamyra and Clay had the most coverage.

Leona Lewis appeared and performed her song "Bleeding Love," which is a number one single across the world. I like Leona, but I'm ready to hear some new songs from her album as this one is played continuously!

Next, Brooke White and Syesha Mercado were called to the stage – and I expected Brooke to be in the bottom two. She was safe! I was not upset by this, as I like Brooke and the emotions she brings to the table whenever she sings – I was surprised, though. I was more surprised when it was announced that Syesha was in the bottom two. Maybe she deserved to be there in the past, but for this week – I didn't think it was the right call. Oh well.

Carly Smithson and Jason Castro were next. Now, while it "should" have been Jason, I was wondering if it was going to be Carly in the bottom two. Jason Castro was safe, but stood on stage, as if he was confused about what to do. I don't think he expected to be safe either! The bottom two – Carly and Syesha each sung their songs, and once again, I really liked them both.

Who was it going to be? Who was leaving American Idol this week? It was…Carly Smithson. I was a little disappointed, but at this point in the competition, I'll be disappointed every week to some degree. Six have become five, and next week will become four. I'm not even going to hazard a guess at who it will be next week.

The theme for the top five next week is Neil Diamond songs, and he'll be on hand to mentor the remaining contestants. It will be interesting!

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  • Yeah, “America” got it wrong this week but I think it shows who’s voting more than it shows what they’re voting for. This year, the squealies seem to have a stranglehold over the competition and are making their presence felt.

    I’m pretty confident with my early prediction that it will be an all-male final three. I think Syesha will go next week, regardless of how well she does, and then we’ll have Brooke gone. It truly is a shame, as David Cook is really the only one up there of the guys that deserves his spot.

  • Kaoanshi

    American Idol has always been a popularity contest. Ryan never says to vote for the best singer; he says to “vote for your favorite”. How many times have we seen deserving contestants leave too early?

  • rawk

    Don’t forget that there were 9 previous performances to consider when voting, not just this week. Jason is one of the few contestants who have had several truly outstanding performances (remember Hallelujah and Over the Rainbow?), while Syeesha, Carly, and Archie have been totally boring. Give him a break for having one not-so-stellar week. I vote for the person whom I look most forward to seeing perform again next week, and that’s Jason by a mile. DavidC is next, and no one besides those two interests me in the least. I can’t wait to buy Jason’s first CD!

  • I haven’t seen one performance from Jason Castro that I would characterize as being “truly outstanding.”

  • The Obnoxious American

    America got it wrong this week and last week and every week since letting Chikeze go. But this week stings even more so.

    David Archuleta, can someone explain why this smurf is still on the show? Sure, he’s got a good voice, but no charisma or stage presence. Aside from looking like an orphaned ferret, I really don’t get what the teenies are screaming about. He should have been gone a while.

    Brooke White, has there been an idol contestant to flub two performances and still remain on the show? Brooke is very talented, but she isn’t an idol. She will have a future and deserves one given her talent reminiscent of Carly Simon. That said, she needs to go.

    Syesha. I have a love affair with this woman. She was sexy on Tuesday night, but she’s been great from day one. Truly underestimated and perhaps misunderstood, but her performances have been blazing hot (to quote randy).

    Jason Castro. OK, he’s working the guitar playing hippie to good effect. I agree, nothing truly outstanding, even his version of hallelujah. That said, his song this week was crap, he deserved to at least be in the bottom two.

    Carly Smithson. She went home? Wait a second, what? Wow, that made no sense. But David A is still there. (scratches head)

    David Cook. This man has already won American Idol. I sort of suspect (and agree with earlier comments) that he might loose out to the screamers, but in terms of sheer talent, this guy has it. When this is all over, I hope that his success makes daughtry look like the poser he truly is.

  • chris kelly

    It is a delight to see someone that is different. That is truly Jason Casto. I watch the show to see only him and him only. He does not try to impress anyone. I love him more and more and can’t wait to buy his first CD. I would not buy a CD of any of the others. That is what it is all about. Number of votes = number of CD’s sold.

  • Lee Richards

    Jason’s persona comes across to me as 1)stoned and/or 2)dim.
    I don’t get his vapid “charm” or his vacant vocal talent.

    But that’s ‘Idol’.

  • Grandpa Idol

    The two Davids will prevail and it matters not when the others go. I certainly agree with the stoned/dim assessment of Jason Castro and as far as Carly is concerned, I was tired of looking at the body art each week and hearing her shout every time she performed. I hope Syesha makes it to the third spot (or better) as she is truly talented both vocally and with her stage presence. So far, the winner has not gone home.