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TV Review: American Idol – Top Four

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With Tuesday night's American Idol being all about Rock and Roll, there was some great potential for some amazing performances. Ryan began the show by sharing that three of the remaining four contestants were tops in the votes for previous weeks. Of course, he didn't share who those top three were! My guess – especially after last week – David A., David C., and Syesha M.

Last week, each contestant performed two songs, but the judges didn't comment until the end of the show. I was happy to hear Ryan say the judges would comment after each performance -so everything was back to normal! Maybe I'm stuck in my ways, but last week's order of events seemed too confusing.

Moving on…David Cook was the first to perform.

David Cook – "Hungry Like the Wolf"
I wasn't sure what I thought of David's performance to be honest. He didn't blow me away like he normally does, but it wasn't horrible either. He's a good performer, and mostly, I enjoy everything he sings – just some more than others. The judges were all over the place. Randy said, "It was an okay choice." Paula said, "You've left me with an appetite." Simon said, "It was good."

Syesha Mercado – "Proud Mary"
Hmm. The last several weeks, I've been impressed with Syesha, but this song – for me, wasn't that great. She had some shakiness in her vocals toward the center, but other than that, the performance was fairly solid. It just wasn't amazing. Randy said, "Very nice." Paula said, "You look like a star." Simon said, "I thought it was a bad, shriek version."

Jason Castro – "I Shot the Sheriff"
Jason's performance wasn't great. He was off pitch and he didn't seem as if he was enjoying himself at all. At this point in the competition, the performances should be amazing, and the contestants should be having fun. Randy said, "That was a really karaoke Bob Marley." Paula said, "I wasn't crazy about the song or performance." Simon said, "That was utterly atrocious."

David Archuleta – "Stand By Me"
At that point in the competition – David's performance was easily the best of the night. In fact -I think it's my favorite David A performance of all. I loved it! Randy said, "I'm happy about the fact that at least one guy always hits the stage ready to win." Paula said, "We forget you're only seventeen. You're seasoned." Simon said, "Very good choice of song."

Moving on…Ryan introduced David Cook to start off the second round of performances:

David Cook – "Baba O'Riley"

Yay! This performance was back to the David C I'm used to – the one I can't wait to watch perform every week. While maybe not my favorite David C performance, it was still quite good. Randy said, "That's the David Cook I've grown to love." Paula said, "I want more, more, more, more David Cook!" Simon said, "Welcome back, David Cook."

Syesha Mercado – "Change is Gonna Come"
Okay – not the best arrangement, but Syesha had a nice performance with this song. She seemed to connect to the song, and maybe to the audience, a bit more than I've seen in the past. Plus – her vocals were right very nice. Randy said, "It felt all disconnected to me." Paula said, "It was beautiful." Simon said, "I'm going to agree with Paula."

Jason Castro – "Mr. Tambourine Man"
Oh no! Jason forgot his lyrics. Even without that, this wasn't a stellar performance, or really – even an okay performance. I like Jason, but he's likely in trouble after these performances. Randy said, "You're not in the zone tonight." Paula said, "It is what it is." Simon said, "Jason, I'd pack your suitcase."

David Archuleta – "Love Me Tender"
Another outstanding performance from David A. Seriously – if the AI title was being handed out after the top four performances, it would have to go to David A. Randy said, "Dude, you got it going on right now." Paula said, "I felt your heart! It was fantastic and beautiful." Simon said, "You didn't beat the competition tonight. You crushed the competition tonight!"

So, that wraps up the top four show. As normal, my ranking from the week is below – but tell me what YOU think. Who do you think will be leaving American Idol on Wednesday night?

Here's my personal ranking for the week:

1. David Archuleta
2. David Cook
3. Syesha Mercado
4. Jason Castro

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About Tracy Leigh Ritts

  • Tracy, I suspect the only person who has *not* been #1 in the past is Syesha. As difficult as it is for anyone who loves music to comprehend, Jason Castro has never been in the bottom three. Never!

    I’ve said for months now that it could and should come down to the two Davids. I hope that is so.

  • Tracy,

    You know I’m a David Castro fan, but last night he was just a mess. If each week were truly based on those performances, it would certainly be him going home.

    But this is American Idol, and it doesn’t work that way. Fan bases play a role. Since Syesha has been in the bottom more often than Jason lately, I wouldn’t be totally surprised to see her going home tonight.

    Whether it’s Jason this week or next, I think the final show will feature the two Davids.

  • Grandpa Idol

    Sorry Connie but Jason Castro is not a “David”. If he does not get the boot tonight and either David does it will be a travesty. It should come come down to the two Davids in the end and I’m really indifferent as to which one walks away with the prize because Idol will take care of both of them. I really like Syesha and think she too has a great career ahead of her but she is not Idol winner material.

  • The Obnoxious American

    Tracy, I totally agree with your article. I am not a David Arch fan, in fact last week I called him a smurf, and I meant it too. That said, his second performance was excellent. Even this hater has to admit that.

    I would bump Syesha up to 2nd behind arch and above cook, only because she truly has risen to star level, whereas cooks performances last night were just OK by his standards.

    I also agree that it was Syesha who was the only one out of the four never to be tops in votes. It’s obvious. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many times she’s been in the bottom 2 or 3 (ok, maybe I do but you get the point).

    Castro must go. Yikes that was bad. And I Shot The Sheriff wasn’t even one of Marley’s best songs.

  • Syesha will be eliminated tonight. I reserve the right to say “I told you so,” too.

  • I think Jason will be the one to leave tonight. It would be a shame if it was anyone else. Castro doesn’t care enough about being there to stay.

    Personally I would like to see Syesha make it to the top two, with David Cook being the other one. But I’m pretty sure it will be both David’s.

  • Jason Castro should have been eliminated before Brooke White, before Carly Smithson, before Chikezie, before Michael Johns, before Ramiele Malubay, before Amanda Overmyer, and before Asia’h Epperson.

    The screams and squeals that erupt each time Castro sings tell the whole story here and prove to be very illuminating as to what the contest is all about. That’s why David Archuleta will win, too.

  • Cathy Kimbrell

    It has to be Jason Castro looks instead of talent that has lead him to this point. It’s definetely a tough decision, both Davids has star quality, but I believe David Cook has an edge with a bit more talent. He’s truly gifted.

  • I’m delighted to be proven wrong. Jason is a local boy (I’m in a different Dallas suburb than Jason), but he didn’t deserve to be on the show as long as he was, and certainly not another week.

    Syesha should be next, I suspect, but we’ll see how the performances go next week.

  • Scott Deitche

    I don’t get David A. I don’t care for his nasally tone and his pre-packaged approach. He’s stiff, uninspired, and generally looks fearful. Sure he’s only 17, but there have been plenty of great performers and vocalists who started young.

    That being said, he’s perfect for the tween set.