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TV Review: American Idol – The Finale!

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Wow! I can't believe how fast this season has gone. The seventh season of American Idol came to an end tonight with a two-hour music-filled finale. The live finale came from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Ryan Seacrest announced that another American Idol voting record had been broken with over ninety-seven million votes being cast. He stated that the split was 56 percent to 44 percent, but of course it was far too early in the night to declare the winner.

It was a night of music beginning with the top-twelve contestants in a group performance of "Get Ready." They all seemed to have a great time and, for once, I wasn't reminded of the Brady Bunch Variety Hour. We moved right into a duet with the two finalists singing "Hero." Again, the two Davids appeared relaxed and like they were ready to have a good time.

Next up was Syesha Mercado singing "Waiting For You." During her performance, Seal stepped on stage and joined in. I was pleased to see Jason Castro perform "Hallelujah," which remains one of my favorite Jason performances from the entire season. More performances followed with the top-six girls singing a medley of Donna Summer songs – with Donna herself joining them for her new single "Stamp Your Feet."

My second favorite performance of the night came next with Michael Johns (it was so great to see him!) and Carly Smithson singing "The Letter." Because the top-six girls had a chance to show their stuff, of course the top-six guys got the same chance. They sang "Summer of '69." Another duet with David Cook and David Archuleta performing a Bryan Adams song, "Heaven," came next. And of course – Bryan joined the fun and the three performed together.

ZZ Top and David Cook performed "Sharp Dressed Man," and this was my favorite performance of the entire evening. I loved it! The Jonas Brothers sang "S.O.S." Next up? One Republic and their hit "Apologize." David Archuleta joined them for the second verse. Now it was time for last year's American Idol to perform. Jordin Sparks sang "One Step At A Time." It was nice to see her again!

It wouldn't be an American Idol finale without Carrie Underwood performing. She sang "Last Name" from her album titled Carnival Ride. A look at the clock told me we were getting close to the end of the show, but before we learned who won, Ryan introduced the top twelve for their final performance as one group. They sang "Faith" and "Father Figure," and I have to admit – I completely enjoyed this performance. Then, the man himself, George Michael stepped on stage and blew me away with his song "Praying for Time."

And now, finally, the time had arrived. I leaned in close to the television and watched both David A and David C's faces as Ryan read the results.

The winner of American Idol 2008 is…David Cook!

David Cook reacted emotionally, which I loved. I'm thrilled he won, as I really believe he proved himself over and over throughout the competition. David Archuleta is a great singer and I am positive we'll see more of him.  But at that moment, I was all smiles for David C.  Yay, David Cook!

Another year of American Idol is officially over. I'm a little sad and a little relieved to have my Tuesday and Wednesday nights back. But I know, without a doubt, that when January 2009 comes – I'll be at the TV watching the new season as it begins.

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  • Thousands and thousands of people paid $10.00 each for a chance to enter the 2008 American Idol Songwriting Contest, And look what they got…….So how many will it take till someone calls this fraud? 1. Top 20 American Idol Songwriting Finalist (Andy Zulla) is an engineer on Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson, Diana DeGarmo CD’s. 2. Top 20 American Idol Songwriting Finalist (Windy Wagner) is a backup singer on the NEW Clay Aiken CD. 3. Top 20 American Idol Songwriting Finalist (Ryan Gillmor) wrote the theme song for the Fox television show “Unhitched”. 4. Top 20 American Idol Songwriting Finalist (Dan Yessian) wrote jingles for Ford Motors. 5. Top 20 American Idol Songwriting Finalist (Luke Ebbin) is a producer on Austalian Idol 1st place runner-up Shannon Noll’s CD. 6. Top 20 American Idol Songwriting Finalist (Regie Hamm) (FYI…USAToday.com has named him the Songwriting Winner), is a co-writer on the NEW Clay Aiken CD and he’s also a co-writer of the winner of 2007’s American Idol Songwriting Contest Scott Krippayne……Anybody see a pattern Yet? 3 of the 2008 American Idol Songwriting Contest Top 20 songwriters get credit on Clay Aiken CD’s. Out of thousands and thousands of entries, 3 out of 20 work with Mr. Aiken. and nobody has a problem with this? The 2008 American Idol songwriting winner and 2007 American Idol songwriting winner are song co-writing partners and that’s fine with everybody? If not then please visit my site for all the facts.

  • “and nobody has a problem with this?”


    In other news, I predicted David Archuleta was going to win for quite some time. I have to say that I’m extremely happy to have been totally, totally wrong. Such a cool night of television! Congrats to the Cooker.

  • Grandpa Idol

    I would agree that if FOX insiders have an exclusive pathway into the song writing competition then that is not right since thousands of other people thought it was an open opportunity.

    As far as the new Idol is concerned I am very happy to see DC make it as he appears to be a genuinely nice person. I saw an interview of him this morning on the local Tampa FOX affiliate and was pleased to find out he had worn a Leukemia awareness bracelet since the Top 12 was named and which was given to him by the FOX interviewer, Charley Belcher, whose daughter was diagnosed with leukemia last Christmas eve. His daughter also predicted that he would win way back during the first auditions.

    Only seven months until next season. Can’t wait.

  • Great article, not so great finale. Loved Donna Summer. Jordin’s song and outfit were both big mistakes, in my opinion. Carrie Underwood also tanked in the fashion department but she sounded great as always. And David Cook winning? Great but not exciting. It was far from one of those “amazing” Idol moments that we’ve seen over the years. I

  • Gina Kabat

    Appearantly George Michael is “praying for time”.His performance was to say theleast hard to watch and led me to wonder about his impending HIV scandal. At the age of about 45 he looked frail and not that sure of himself or his performance. His slight comment at the end about his cold and earpiece was a nice cover but for a seasoned singer and performer not to mention an 80’s heart throb, he looked sad, tired and I really wanted Simon to say ” Enough, George, it’s over now.” I till have faith in the singer. I still hold on to my Wham memories. But he just didn’t seem as polished as he should have been and the build up of his anticipated performance gave a pity clap at the end. Graham Nash should have been the finale. He’s a true idol as well.
    Gina Kabat
    Freelance Writer/Author
    Kiel, Wisconsin