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TV Review: American Idol – Guys’ Night Up

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Well, tonight was the big night for the American Idol guys, so it started with a recap of last night’s show. Don’t you just love that?

The best Ryan “Cheesy” Seacrest line of the night, as Will Makar finished singing and Jose “Sway” Penala was about to take the stage was, “Where there’s a Will, there’s a Sway.” Hey, I didn’t say it, he did. I’m just naming it his best Cheesy Line of the Night!

Another disjointed and incongruous thought of mine: Why is there a tire in the table in the Red Room?

All right, let’s get talking about the performances!

Patrick Hall was first up. He chose “Come to my Window” by Melissa Etheridge. He sang it technically okay… I think, but it didn’t do much for me. He sounds like any so-so boy band singer, nothing spectacular. I liked his last Hollywood audition stuff better. Randy – “Not your best, but good.” Paula – “Stick to what you do best. You give an amazing performance.” Simon – “You looked uncomfortable. Average performance.” I agree with Simon. This song tonight by him wasn’t that hot. Nothing to look at here, move along.

David Radford, that cute kiddie crooner, was up next. His song choice was “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen. Dang, he looked like he’s crooning to a rock song. He’s got kind of an Elvis thing goin’ on. He also sings with his chin trying to reach the back of his neck or something. Don’t get me wrong, I like him. I doubt he’ll win it all, but he’s a fun performer. Randy thought it was terrible. He panned him! Paula disagrees with Randy. Not her favorite, but he was true to who he is. Simon thought it was a bit of a joke. He thinks the audience at home will like him, but he should take himself more seriously. I think he’ll get a lot of the really young and really old votes. He’s a sweet kid and looked a bit rattled at Simon’s criticism.

Bucky Covington hit the stage. His song was “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. It sounds like a good choice for him. Ahhh… he does it well — it’s perfectly suited for his talents! I don’t think he’s as good as Bo Bice in the genre, but this is a strong performance. Judges? What say you? Randy thinks he sang too hard, pushed too much, but cool. Paula, of course, is nurturing. Simon? “Thousands of bars with someone like Bucky.” The others defend him. I predict he’ll make this cut, but not win in the end.

Will Makar, the Peter Brady Lookin’ Kid, headed to the stage. Hee-hee, he sang “I Want You Back” by the Jackson Five. Umm… rats. I’m not all that impressed. He’s a little cutie, for sure. But cute will only keep him in for so long. He’ll get the teenybopper vote, but this wasn’t a strong performance. Randy is favorable, he was entertained. Paula says he’s adorable. She thinks it’s Bobby Brady… no, PETER! Simon gives a reality check. He said vocally that it was completely and utterly average. Hey, I agree.

Jose “Sway” Penala goes for “Reasons” by Earth, Wind and Fire. He does the falsetto well. Now, mid-song, he had to strain for a few notes. But, I think he may get a good reaction. He’s not average, as Simon would put things. Randy – very happy, congrats! Paula – Amazing. Simon disagrees. He thinks it was a pimpy third rate copy of Earth, Wind and Fire. I think the hat was more pimpy than the performance. So there, Simon.

Chris Daughtry performed “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi… cool! Ah, good start. I think it’s the strongest performance so far. Now we’re talkin’! Note I said he performed the song — it went beyond mere singing. Judges reaction? Randy — “Really, really good. Great recording voice.” Paula – wowed. Simon – “Very good choice of song. For the first time tonight I’m hearing someone with potential. Great recording voice. Work on the charisma!” Simon nailed that one!

The youngest contestant, Kevin Covais, was up next. His song was “One Last Cry” by Brian McNight. I’m not sure a ballad is the best follow up to the strong rock performance by Chris. He’s got a very nice voice and I think he sang it well. Randy – “Honestly talented; that was the bomb, man!” Paula – “You make me beam.” [She also said something about reckless abandon. Huh? Somehow that phrase doesn’t come to mind for me when thinking about this kid. I think a little sweetie pie who can sing… or something.] Simon pans him. “Vocally, it was excruciating.” I disagree. Mean, bad Simon. Go to your room.

Gedeon McKinney took the stage by storm singing “Shout.” He’s really into it! I could see him on the stage in the 50s doing this. I think this is a very solid performance for him. Randy liked the song choice and likes it all. Paula – “A great surprise.” (Paula actually captured a bit of my thought about seeing him in the early rock star setting. That’s scary- I’m not a Paula!) Simon – “It was like watching the line up for the Chippendales.” Simon doesn’t like his smile, either. Me? I’m pleasantly surprised. Gedeon hasn’t been on my favorites list, but he moved up a bit with “Shout.”

Elliott Yamin goes up next. He sings, “If You Really Love Me” by Stevie Wonder and doing it well enough. It’s an okay performance, but will it win the hearts and calls of fan? Quite possibly. Randy loves it. Paula gushes. Simon – “potentially best male vocalist they ever had on the show.” Hmmm… I thought it was good, but it didn’t really rock my world. Simon didn’t like Gedeon’s smile. I don’t like Elliott’s beard.

Bobby Bennett sang Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana.” Dang, he reminded me of a twisted Jackie Gleason/Barry Manilow Nightmare gone very awry! He’s singing it well enough, but he’s so darn busy through it all that I’m getting winded just watching him! Randy – “More entertaining than vocal.” Paula – “Entertainment and great showmanship.” Simon pans him – “Complete nightmare.” It’s weird that I used the word “nightmare” before Simon did, but not in the same context.

Ace Young sang “Father Figure” by George Michael. Very nice, although I don’t really care for the song selection all that much. I think he nailed it, though. Kind of mesmerizing. It’s kind of putting me in a trance. (Must vote Ace, must vote Ace…) Randy – “You worked the room and can really sing!” Paula did some monotone gushing (she’s in The Ace Trance!) with a little helium hello. Simon – “Not the best vocal so far, you have the X Factor.” He likes the choice of song. The judges seem to think that amongst the guys, Ace has it aced. Me? I think it’s all subliminal. And, when I think about it, the song choice creeps me out a bit. It’s kind of like the aura of Sting singing “Every Breath You Take” in his heyday.

Taylor Hicks, the one I find most intriguing, was up last. Ah, his chosen song was “Levon” — a personal favorite of mine from the early Elton John days! A good performance, not as unique as I was expecting from Taylor. Solid enough, though. Randy – “Not perfect song choice for him, but he has it goin’ on.” While Randy and Paula gush, Simon was looking very pensive. Simon’s up… says he was wrong about Taylor not making the finals. “You’re interesting. I’ve had more positive feedback about Taylor than anyone else on the show.” Hee-hee, this guy is a hoot! I love him even if that wasn’t my favorite performance. I’m out of my Ace Trance. Phew!

You want my prediction for tomorrow night’s Cut O’ Two? I think Bobby Bennett and either Patrick Hall or Gedeon McKinney will be voted out. Your thoughts?

My original “blogged as the show aired” entry with typos, dancing cows and all, can be found on my TV blog — The (TV) Show Must Go On… . C’mon by and visit!

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About Jackie

  • -E

    I love Taylor. Something about him just makes me excited, to hear him talk or sing, or just watch him. He just looks so genuine. And you know, that Daughtry fellow is growing on me.

  • chantal stone

    i think Bobby and Kevin are gonna get the ax. Ace and Chris rocked….both total hotties!

  • Ace & Chris were both amazing.

  • E- Chris is growing on me, too. I didn’t care for him all that much during his previous air time. Taylor? I liked him all along. I’m not sure of his chances – whether the voters will go for him – but I think he’s someone we’re going to see in the music scene for many years to come.

    Chantal – Kevin? Really? Don’t you think he’ll get the Grandmother vote? πŸ˜‰

  • Taylor Hicks, “WOW”, very few singers give me chills, but Hicks has song in every fiber of his being. Just Amazing!

  • Rodney Welch

    Missed the show, but glad to hear Taylor did okay. He’s my favorite of the men. I think I’m going to start taping Idol — sampling a little of the song, then fastforwarding to the judge’s comments. The hour doesn’t exactly fly by now that the auditions are over and you have to actually sit through one never-ending show tune after the next.

  • chantal stone

    Jackie……he might get the grandmother vote…but do enough grandmothers watch the show to actually KEEP him on?

    he’s history…or will be soon.

  • Linda Terry

    Taylor Hicks has it all together. Very confident.
    Smooth on stage and very likeable. I think he will win.

  • chantal stone

    Taylor is the one with the gray hair right?

    he’s a good singer, and does have excellent stage-presence…but he certainly doesn’t have what it takes to actually WIN the competition….my vote goes for either Paris or that other black girl with the curly hair. (i’m horrific with names)

    as far as the guys go…..mmmm Chris and Ace, all the way.

  • Sharon

    Yes, Taylor is the gray-haired one–or the “silver fox,” as some of his fan following have dubbed him. I don’t know if he can win the competition, either, but I think he’ll be around for quite a while yet, and I think he’s got a good future ahead of him, AI win or not.

    Besides Taylor, I think Ace is one of the most promising of the guys. I’ll be surprised if both of them aren’t among the final 6 guys. I LOVE David Radford myself, and I hope he makes it that far, too, but it remains to be seen how he is going to go over with the voting “masses.”

    My guess as to who will be voted off tonight would be among the following: Patrick, Bucky, Bobby. I was EXTREMELY impressed with Gedeon last night–both his singing and his stage presence–so I think has more mileage in him yet–at least I hope so.

  • Ty

    I feel bad for Bobby. He was NEVER shown until last night, and even last night, we saw a clip from his audition, but NOTHING from Hollywood.

    It would have been nice to see what made Simon say he loved this guy (Paula said Simon said he loved Bobby in Hollywood).

    Yeah he wasn’t great, but I think even if he was, he’d still be one of the two gone tonight.

    It’s Bobby and Gedeon.

    I only HOPE that in the women PARIS is gone, because she shouldn’t be on the show, since she doesn’t NEED AI to get her break because Randy Jackson is in awe of her grandma. When your grandma can pull those kinds of strings, you shouldn’t be in AI.

  • Christina

    I agree with your comments Ty. Bobby was not given a fair shake, and then he ruined his one chance.

    Paris has no business in American Idol because of her connections. Idol is all about people who cannot catch a break elsewhere, like Kelly Clarkson the waitness, or Fantasis the poor illiterate single mom working a crappy job/trying to go to school.

    Who is going off tonight:

    For the women:
    PARIS and MANDISA. With 12 people to vote for, votes FOR people will be spread thinly. People who we have not seen on AI will get a boost because people think they are not getting a chance (because they are cute women, if you are guy like Bobby, you are screwed). Paris will go because of a combination of “she doesn’t NEED my vote” (And thus nobody votes for her) and the fact that she doesn’t need Idol for her break, and Idol is all about people who need the break but can ONLY get it on AI.

    People are tired of how AI producers/judges favor fat black people over fat white people, so the voters will blacklash by not giving votes to Mandisa. Americans who act like that they only have one name tend to piss off other americans, it sounds very elitist.

    Paris and Mandisa are off.

    For the guys, Bobby and Gedeon. Why Gedeon you ask? Sorry, but the dude is ugly. Simon was spot on: his smile is freakishly ugly, and shout was a horrid song choice (sing something that requires talent buddy!)

    So Paris, Mandisa, Bobby, and Gedeon are done tonight.

    It was nice knowing you!

  • Duff

    I liked Chris, Ace. I thought Taylor bombed his song, although I know he’s good and will come back strong.

  • Donita

    Ok have to ask, your comment about Ace’s song choice last night, that it was sublminal…………are you thinking he is GAY?

  • Donita — I don’t think he’s gay. He may be; I don’t know. When I said subliminal, I was joking as I said he had mesmerized me and put me in an Ace Trance.

  • Duff – I didn’t think he (Taylor) bombed the song, per se. I think he could have done better with it, yes. I don’t know if he’ll make it all the way through, but he’s the performer who intrigues me the most.

  • Ah, Christina — Oh, no! We disagree! πŸ˜‰ I bet ya dollars to doughnuts that Mandisa and Paris stay tonight. Cyber dollars and doughnuts, of course.

    Signed – “Only” Jackie

  • Ty – I think Bobby seems like a really nice guy and I felt bad for him, as well. He’s trying so hard. That said, I think you’re right with the male cuts — Bobby and Gedeon.

    I doubt Paris will go, though.

  • Sharon — I;m a bit smitten with David Radford, too. (Only in a wholesome kind of way!) He really impresses me a kid with his act together. That said, I think the strongest males in the contest are the older ones – Ace, Chris and Taylor.

    Chantal — The curly-haired girl is Lisa Tucker. I think she has a lot of talent, too! As for the Grandmother Vote? It’s scary, but he’s so young that I probably am old enough to be his grandmother! I’ll go sit in my rocker and wait for Taylor… or Ace… or Chris to win. πŸ˜‰


    TAYLOR HICKS !!!!!! I’d buy the alblum today if it were available. He shows a love for the music that he proforms. He is different and he is from the south, so he’s gotta be a good old boy.
    I’ll be watching Taylor. GOOD LUCK COME WHAT MAY !!!!!!