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TV Review: American Idol – Final Two

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The long awaited American Idol finale has almost arrived. Tuesday night brought the final two out to duke it out over three song choices. With a boxing theme in place, the show moved fast from the second it began. Up first was David Cook:

Song Choice by Clive Davis – Round One:

David Cook – "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
One of my favorite U2 songs, and David C had a tremendous performance. Not only were his vocals great, but he put a lot of emotion into the performance. I already see a star when I watch him on stage. It was a fantastic beginning for David Cook and for the final two show! Randy said, "It was hot, baby!" Paula said, "David Cook has arrived. Amen, amen." Simon said, "I thought it was phenomenal."

David Archuleta – "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"
Well. I'm a huge fan of Elton John, and David A brought his A-Game to the table with his performance of "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me." Truly phenomenal performance. That being said, it was another ballad – and we already know David A can sing ballads. Randy said, "That was flawless and unbelievable molten hot!" Paula said, "I got chills up my arms." Simon said, "Taking everything into account, round one goes to Archuleta."

Winner of Round One: Personally, I think David Cook won round one, but Simon called it as David Archuleta. What do you think?

Song Competition Winners – Round Two:

David Cook – "Dream Big"
Hmm. I'm not sure what I think of the song, but I do think David C did a great job with it. He infused it with his own personal style and at the end, I found myself really enjoying the entire performance. But I don't think it was one of David Cook's best performances overall. Randy said, "The song was just okay, but you were singing your face off." Paula said, "We sit in awe, mesmerized by you." Simon said, "That was a 6.5 out of 10."

David Archuleta – "In This Moment"
Again, the song didn't amaze me. But as it was a ballad, David A sang it very well. Two ballads in a row, though. His vocals were spot on, and he did seem to connect to the song. Randy said, "I wasn't crazy about the song, but right now you are so in the zone that you could sing the phonebook." Paula said, "Another magical performance." Simon said, "You chose the better song. Round two goes to David Archuleta."

Winner of Round Two: I'm not sure on this one. I think – again – that it was really close, but for me – David Cook's performance was more enjoyable than David A's.

Contestant's Choice – Round Three:

David Cook – "The World I Know"
Okay. I have to admit some disappointment here. I was really hoping David would sing "Hello" or "Billie Jean." Instead, he chose to perform a new song. While I like the sentiment, I think he would have done much better making a different choice. It was good, but not what I expect from David Cook. Randy said, "Very nice job." Paula said, "I truly applaud you." Simon said, "It was a beautiful song, but completely and utterly the wrong song for you."

David Archuleta – "Imagine"
David A made the right song choice. His performance of "Imagine" was beautifully done and resonated with emotion. Another ballad, though. But what a great ballad! Randy said, "The best singer of season seven is right here!" Paula said, "You were stunning tonight." Simon said, "You came out here tonight to win, and what we have witnessed is a knockout."

Winner of Round Three: David Archuleta, hands down in my opinion.

I voted for David Cook. Many people will disagree with me, but I see the full package in David Cook – awesome voice, amazing performer, and versatility. In David Archuleta, I see a great voice, but with what he's shown us on AI, I think he's limited in what he can do really, really well (ballads). So for me, David Cook is the winner. Of course, we won't really know until Wednesday night, and all the gossip is on the side of David Archuleta winning. What do you think?

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About Tracy Leigh Ritts

  • u guys need to read the hysterical american idol reviews at http://www.pophangover.com – finally some reviews that are hysterical and hate both contestants equally! i hope david archuleta wins, david cook belongs behind a bar sopping up spilled beer!!!

  • I agree with you 100% Tracey. David Cook is awesome and I hope he wins.

    I gave the edge on the night to Archuleta because I thought he was bringing a little something extra that Cook wasn’t. Archuleta stepped it up for the night, be he can’t match Cook overall.

    I wouldn’t say it was a knockout the way Simon did though. Cook was good the whole night, he just didn’t surprise me with anything. I thought the Collective Soul song was very nice. I guess it just wansn’t a “winning” type performance. I admire Cook for making that decision though.

    I also very much liked that he tried to do something intersting for his new song.

    I will be so disappointed if Cook doesn’t win!

  • Grandpa Idol

    David Archuleta will win because he has a huge following of teenies, tweenies, and others who are attracted to his cuteness. In addition he also has a fabulous talent and will do well as a professional performer.

    David Cook will also win because he has attracted a huge following of fans who appreciate his talent, maturity and showmanship. He will also do well in his professional life after Idol.

    I think that the title could either way but only the votes will tell. It should be an exciting finish and will be the first Idol that I will not a strong preference.

  • David Cook’s rendition of “The World That I Know” was gorgeous! It blew me away. That song has some very emotional lyrics, and he translated them perfectly. It was proof that you don’t need to power ballad a song to capture its true essence.

    I called round three to Cook, and the other two a tie. I voted for David Cook for hours, and I haven’t voted since season four. That’s how mad I was for the judges throwing him under the bus.