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TV Review: American Idol – And Then There Were Seven

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Last night’s American Idol was the first time in a long time that I really enjoyed the bulk of the performances on the show. Who would have thought that these classic standards would treat all the prospective idols so well? As a group, I would say that the performances were classic, well thought-out, and generally performed above average. Also, as a first-time watcher of the show, it will be interesting to see how the voting plays out tonight.

But first, the highlight performances. . .

[ADBLOCKHERE] First up last night was Chris Daughtry taking on “What a Wonderful World.” Chris did a nice job overall, but he did have some rough spots, specifically when he tried to be soft with his voice. Chris is definitely a belter and has some trouble when it comes to the notes and tones at lower volumes, which is why we end up with performances of songs like “What If” by Creed.

Paris did “These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)” and it was OK. She still seems like a young girl playing dress-up to me. She, like Chris, also has problems with the low-volume sections of songs. I think she probably has the most potential to grow out of anyone, but she really isn’t quite at the level to take on the more advanced and experienced singers left on the show. That being said, she had a decent week and seemed to be one of the more popular ones.

Taylor Hicks did “You Send Me” and he continues to surprise me with his performances week in and week out. I expected the cheesiness of it all to catch up with him, but apparently America likes its music with a bit of cheese. I guess this explains LFO’s short career. Anyway, Taylor doesn’t show any signs of tiring and America apparently likes him more than Ace and Elliott who have been sitting in the bottom week after week.

mcphee.JPGFinally on the good side, Katharine McPhee did “Someone To Watch Over Me.” While I don’t think that she was quite as good as Simon thought she was, I thought it was one of the best performances of the night. I do think that Simon will have some slightly different thoughts when he watches the performance back on tape. I really think that the judges are sometimes fooled by the live performance with the mix in the room vs. the mix that the audience sees on television.

And now for the not so good performances . . .

Elliott Yamin was close to getting himself in the other part of my article, but there was just something so cheesy and ridiculous about his performance last night. The vocals are decent, but I just don’t get it when he is singing. I don’t feel like he has any emotion or compassion. I know a lot of people say that Taylor is kind of like a Vegas lounge guy or something, but Elliott is probably even worse.

Taylor sings with a lot of passion and emotion which is against the idea of the hired-gun-doing-it-for-the-money-Vegas-lounge-act type of performer. But Elliott on the other hand is so void of any kind of emotion when he is singing that he ends up coming off more robotic or something. I can’t totally grasp it, but I have the feeling that America feels the same way as he ends up in the bottom three all the time.

aceyoung.jpgAce Young stinks. His consciousness of his looks and fashion give me the douche chills every single week. He just seems so contrived all the time. Even his partial beards seem like a purposeful thing that he thinks will earn him the chick vote. This guy isn’t about the vocals at all. He is like the fourth or fifth member of the boy band. He doesn’t have the pipes to be Justin Timberlake, but he looks good enough that he will sell enough t-shirts and lunch boxes to earn his keep. He is like Danny Wood from the New Kids on the Block.

Kellie Pickler hammered through “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered” and might be the only one who can save Ace from his own crappiness. She admitted to “butcher”ing this one and she wasn’t lying. She was awful.

Which brings me to the interesting question of how the voting will play out. Is it possible that this is a week where the performances won’t matter? Will America look the other way because Kellie admitted to having a bad night and kick someone else off who might be less likable? How great will it be to see Ace’s face as he is getting kicked off in a week when he thought he was safe due to the lackluster performance that Kellie put on?

I am hoping to see this happen. It would be so great to watch Ace get surprised. I can picture him standing there all wide-eyed with his mouth agape in his ego-fueled, mildly retarded Abercrombie model way.

This is what I want to see. This is what we all need to see. Here’s to hoping.

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  • sal m

    i’m fed up with paris…i still think there’s something not right with her involvement in the show given her connections…and even though 99% of us had never heard of her grandmother before this show – or knew she was in the group sounds of blackness – i get the feeling that the fix is in with the judges…she peaked during her audition and when she did motown…she’s been average at best ever since.

    back to grandma…when i signed on to itunes yesterday who do you think has a new release prominently placed on the itunes homepage? why none other than ann nesby herself, paris’ grandma…fishy anyone? shameless exploitation?

  • Rene

    I would much prefer to see anal loving porn star in the making kicked off more so than Ace. But I’m sure that lying whore will sail thru another week with her “poor me” put on. She certainly knows how to work it. Part of me actually wants to see her win just so that shortly thereafter, she get’s butchered by the media and her career fails miserably. Now that’s something I would LOVE to see.

  • Rene

    I’m talking about Kellie Pickler in case the “anal loving porn star in the making” didn’t give it away.

  • I would watch that movie. 🙂

    But seriously, it will be an injustice of some kind if she isn’t kicked off tonight. I would just rather see Ace go first.

  • Topsey Turvey

    I think Simon and Ryan should give the air time to the American Idol finalists and quit with badgering each other just to up the ratings! Let the “American Idols” sing!

  • I love this review, I can find nothing to disagree with.

  • Thanks SteveS…

  • I thought Paris did quite well yesterday. She’s phenomenally talented, but scary too, like some old alien creature in the body of a perky teenager. And yes, she already has connections, but fear not, I doubt she’ll win. That’ll be Chris, Taylor, or McPhee (who’s good, but not as good as she or Simon think).

  • At least Kellie’s butcher job made me feel better. Y’see, the past few weeks I actually thought her performances were decent after not liking her for the weeks leading up to them. It scared me. I hate ditz and she’s the Epitome of Ditz. Thank heavens she screwed up last night before I actually went the leap to think she could be decent! I personally would like last night’s performance to do her in, though I also want Ace gone. With the Kellie Focus and the sob story, I feel it’s going to be hard for some people to stop voting for her. At least with Ace, it’s only looks keeping him in — much easier to oust than a Woe Is Me, I’m Such a Country Bumpkin Ditz persona.

    As long as one of them goes away this week, I’ll be happy.

  • Ty


    Paris has been needing to go for quite some time.

    Did you see how her mom was there with Rod Stewart? I told my wife, “Where is her grandma? Does Rod know her granny?”

    Ace, Paris, and Elliott in the bottom 3,

    PARIS WILL FINALLY GO HOME TONIGHT. She has to. Yeah she wasn’t the worst, she was pretty good, but she doesn’t belong here. If we are to have a Chris vs. Taylor final (The dream final for many), the SOONER PARIS LEAVES, THE BETTER.

  • Ciara

    Hey ty youo think taylor and chris are the only ones doding well enough to be the top two. think again. even though he isnt the best everyone loves ace and kelly and they also have a good chance. you are right about paris though. she needs to go.

  • I won’t spoil the result for people, but what about that bottom 3?

    Can’t wait to see what the remaining six do with classic love songs.

  • Well, this week Chris was in the bottom 2, and Hicks had the most votes…well, we do have a few more weeks; possibly a Katherine and Hicks show down in order?

  • …”but apparently America likes its music with a bit of cheese.” I love cheese, especially smoked Gouda; with wine. mmm-mmm-mmmm

    Regarding Hicks, I knew the moment he opened his mouth “the where and the what” – stopping him will be like stopping…the SOoooooUL TRAIN (you remember that show – ???)

  • Jim

    “I can’t totally grasp it, but I have the feeling that America feels the same way as he ends up in the bottom three all the time.”

    He was in the bottom 3 twice, the same amount of times as Paris.

    I thought Elliott was really good. As always he is going to be criticized by people either way – if he just stands there, he will be “boring”, and if he moves around, he’s “cheesy”.

    He’s my favorite, by far, and I hope he can stay a while longer. He’s got a great personality (regardless of what Simon says) and is an amazing singer.

  • Jim, I am not sure who you are responding to – must be about Elliott, ’cause the Soulman never has been anything but Mr. Number One in Votes this entire show.
    Groove on Soulman!!!