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TV Review: American Idol 6 – Results Episode (March 28, 2007)

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Wow, this week's results show threw me for a loop. Rather sad, it was.

Ryan came out with a wig styled like that ridiculous "fauxhawk" Sanjaya sported the night before. Very cute Ryan. After the usual recap of Tuesday's episode, we cut to commercial. And naturally, we got another commercial when the show returned — the boring, but obligatory, Ford ad. This week was a cowboy scenario with Chris R. as a bad guy and the rest of the contestants as good guys and… oh, who cares?

Down to business. Ryan told Blake and LaKisha that they were safe. No shock there.  Phil once again took a trip to the middle of the stage. Melinda and Chris R. were safe, as was (sadly, but not surprisingly) Sanjaya. Ryan then asked Haley to take her rightful place next to Phil. Jordin was safe, but Chris S. and Gina were left hanging.

As the condemned were left to sweat, Gwen Stefani and Akon performed her latest single, "The Sweet Escape". It wasn't a great song but it did sound a little like old school ska No Doubt, which I miss. Yes, she brought those accursed Harajuku Girls with her. Yeesh. Gwen plugged her upcoming tour, I wondered if it was necessary since her fans would have known about this long ago and have probably gotten their tickets already.

Back to business. Chris S. was sent to the middle of the stage. Gina looked sad even before his name was called, and I think it's because she was sad for Chris rather than worried about herself. Ryan then told the three that he would send one person back to safety. In classic Seacrest dickhead style, he said something like, "Haley… you… are going to have to stand there a little longer." And he constantly berates Simon for being mean. What a hypocrite.

Finally, Ryan gave Chris S. the Idol death sentence. Again, I am bummed. I really liked Chris's voice, personality, and sense of humor, but admittedly have also been disappointed in his recent performances. I can't understand why he couldn't keep up with the music. I heard he used to be in a Christian rock band. How can he not be able to do something as simple as keep up with the beat?

Interestingly enough, unlike the last two losers, Chris got a sing-out. I guess the show had a little extra time this week. Poor Chris, he STILL couldn't stay on the beat! Argh! I had to laugh though, when he came over and hugged the other contestants. When he got to Phil he stopping singing for a bit and said, "You owe me 50 bucks." I don't know if that's true, but it was very funny and good natured of Chris. It never really occurred to me before, that contestants would try to predict among themselves on who would be going home that week. I would think it was bad luck, but I guess it doesn't bother some people.

I didn't catch what next week's theme will be. Can someone tell me?

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  • Tony Bennett? Oh man, I can only imagine how Blake or Gina will handle it.

  • Its back to Geriatrics Idol next week, Kaonashi. Enjoy. Although, he’s pretty well preserved for a million year old man.

  • gina

    next week is tony bennett

  • Grandpa Idol

    Brace yourself my friend, it’s back to fossil mania with “The Music of Tony Bennett”. Even as a bonofide senior he actually makes me feel young. I just hope Sanjaya sings “I Left My Voice in San Francisco”.