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TV Review: American Idol 6: Results Show (March 21, 2007)

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Is it just me, or do the Results episodes seem a little rushed these days? This was the second time it seemed that Ryan and the producers were short on time. Once again, there was no final performance for the losing contestant. I wonder if this will be a trend.

The episode was a little different this week. There were not one, but two guest performances, both by the contestants' coaches Peter Noone and Lulu. Peter's performance of "There's a Kind of Hush" took the place of the atrocious group song, but to be honest it wasn't that much of an improvement. Peter's lucky that he's a has-been singer or else he would have met Simon's wrath after that song. At one point the camera panned back and you could clearly see from the judges' table that Simon wasn't watching the performance.

After the break the Ford ad aired. Something about partying at a laundromat and a whole lot of soap, and near the end there's a suggested threesome as Chris R. and Blake pull Haley down to the sudsy floor. Weird.

Brad Garrett was sitting with the contestants, trying in vain to remind people that he has a sitcom. Ryan "kicked out" Brad, and the group pretended to be sad. Yawn.

Finally, the executions began. Ryan asked Phil, Melinda, and Blake to stand up. All three were safe. Then Chris S., LaKisha, and Jordin stood up. To no one's surprise, they too were safe. Sanjaya, Haley, and Gina then got to their feet. All three were safe. Sigh. The tweens and grandmas have once again kept their little Sanjaya alive. I'm frustrated, but not surprised and not even that worried. Even Chicken Little's luck ran out at some point, as did John Stevens and Scott Savol's. Ryan told Stephanie and Chris R. to stand and identified them as the Bottom 2.

Of course, their misery and anxiety would continue for another 15 minutes, as Ryan begged for money from corporations for the upcoming special "Idol Gives Back," followed by a performance by Lulu. Singing "To Sir With Love," Lulu's voice seemed really gravelly and shot, as if it were the result of years of heavy alcohol and smoking. However, she was definitely better than the sleep-inducing Peter Noone.

After the break, a nervous-looking Stephanie and a stony-faced Chris R. stood onstage clutching hands. Ryan quickly told Chris to sit down. As a sad-faced Chris returned to the safety of his groupmates, Stephanie watched her video montage. And after that — the end. No last song for her. Odd.

On the bright side, Stephanie's departure means that her votes will likely now go to Melinda, LaKisha, and maybe Jordin.

Until next week, I've been Kaonashi, and I'm out of here!

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  • Kaye

    I can’t beleive there is nothing to say about Sangya… he is terrible, perfectly terrible. Still, here he is. My bet is that HE will get Stephanie’s votes. I just don’t get it… I’ve heard about his hair and his teeth… sorry he really is NOT good looking! So it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out how he is getting votes! This whole season is just down right disgusting! If it was the first time I had ever watched, it would definitely be the last. However, Isafe to say, that watching is no longer part of my “schedule” and I am done voting….

  • bjkwjk

    I was really shocked by the result. There were definitely much worse performances than Stephanie’s. Specifically Gina, Chris S. and of course, Sanjaya.

  • Grandpa Idol

    At this point in the competition there are always inconsistent departures that happen. The most important thing is that the best VOCAL TALENT is still standing at the end. Stehanie was certainly marketable, had talent and poise, but somehow lacked a sticky quality that would cause you to remember her. I hope she does well with her singing aspirations.

    Now, let’s get back to my favorite discussion topic, Sanjaya. I believe nature (and competitive pressure) will take its course and this young man will find a place for himself in Idol lore like many others did before him but not as the season winner. I will admit he is a standout but not for the right reasons. Unfortunately, at this point in the season it is a VOTING not SINGING competition. Things will change as the weeks go by and the best will be standing at the end. Although this is only my fourth full season watching Idol I’ve seen this phenomena happen before and it will happen in the future as long as the Sanjayas are trying out for the show.

  • BTW people, next week Gwen Stefani will be mentoring the contestants, so next week will be pop music week. Expect Blake and Chris R.to shine.

  • Ken

    Lulu’s voice was more than gravelly, and her performance was more than pathitic. She over-sang the same song on PBS a couple weeks ago for the pledge drive, but was a bit better. Last night, as the camera panned the contestants, more than one had a shicked look on their face with a “what the hell is she doing?” expression. It was horrible.

  • Idol is not really about the best singer. Strange how so many times the vocals do not seem to matter.

  • Ed

    I thought Peter Noone’s vocal was actually better than all of the Idol vocals the night before, with the possible exception of Melinda. His voice isn’t pure but has character, and his phrasing is interesting. The Idol contestants are mostly dull. Sanjaya can’t sing, but at least he isn’t dull, and all this savage hatred for him makes me root for him and admire his courage. He’ll have the last laugh because whatever the outcome, he’s going to cash in on this during his 15min+ of fame.

  • Kaye- I don’t think Sanjaya’s getting Stephanie’s votes because those who voted for her aren’t heard of hearing.

    bjkwjk- Honestly, I wasn’t that surprised. Stephanie hit a lull. She wasn’t improving.

    Grandpa- Oh, he will go down. Not next week or even after that, but he will. In flames. Just like Antonella. That was beautiful.

    Ken- I didn’t catch the contestants’ faces as Lulu performed, but I’m not surprised considering Lulu’s scratchy voice.

    Mich- In the end though, the winner is still someone who can actually sing.

    anon- Thanks for the URL!

    Ed- I thought that Peter Noone was incredibly boring. His phrasing was interesting, but I wonder if it’s simply because he’s British. You think all the contestants except Sanjaya are dull? Sure, some of them are like Haley or Chris R. But what about Chris S? Blake? Gina? I find them very cool and unique.

  • LOL, I meant to say, “Hard of hearing” in response to Kaye’s comment.

  • amy

    lulu was so awful it was embarrassing given that being on pitch and the emphasis on vocal quality is so high. I was wondering what the judges – especially Simon – was thinking.

  • thomas7grondin

    What ever happen to Melinda Dolittle