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TV Review: American Idol 6 – Martina McBride Week

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This week, the Top 7 showed off their mad country singing skillz – well, at least some of them did. Others, like a certain contestant whose name rhymes with "banjaya", just crashed and burned. Martina McBride was the gang's mentor, and I know nothing about her or her music so I can't really comment much about her. Sorry folks, but I don't really listen to country music. She is pretty though.

Oooh, a Constantine sighting! Eeeeewww, he still eye-boinks the television audience. I suddenly feel violated.

Well, let's get started.


Jordin was in fine form this week, as she sang "A Broken Wing" by Ms. McBride herself. What's great about Jordin is her versatility. She can sing R&B, pop, country, etc. Randy said it was another great performance, while Simon said something like, "This is the first time since we met that I actually believed you could win." Coolness.

Melinda has rebounded from last week's poor performance with "Trouble is a Woman". I thought it was great and professional sounding as usual. However, I recommend that Melinda stop wearing sleeveless or strapless tops, because they emphasize her no-neck look further. All the judges loved it, but Simon finally told her to cut out her fake surprise reactions whenever they praise her. Good call Simon.


I have to give props to Phil, because he actually didn't suck this week. Phil sang "Where the Blacktop Ends" by Keith Urban, and although the first part seemed a little rushed, he actually did quite well. The ever pompous ass Randy said, "From an accomplished producer, you've got a career." Simon agreed, saying that it was a good choice of song, and for once he showed personality. For once I don't want him to go home. It wouldn't be right, especially since all the judges loved him this week.


I was wondering how Blake would handle Country Week, seeing as he doesn't have one ounce of it in his ultra-hip little body. Blake chose Tim McGraw's "When the Stars Go Blue", which didn't really sound like a country song to me, but I suppose it was Blake-ifed as usual. Overall, Blake didn't look comfortable on stage. He wasn't smiling, he wasn't moving much, and although Martina suggested for Blake to use a higher falsetto, I don't think he pulled it off well. However, all the judges loved him as usual. Simon took the opportunity to give the judges' condolences to the victims in yesterday's shooting at Virginia Tech, which seemed awkward and spontaneous to me. I figured that he was just doing that since Chris gave a shout out earlier. More on that in a bit.


I think LaKisha got confused halfway during her performance. Singing Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take the Wheel," LaKisha at first was singing it straight country, but when she got to the chorus she unleashed her big, booming gospel voice. It was weird, not to mention it felt rushed. Randy said that it was pitchy at the start and wished that she had taken the gospel route with the song. Paula said that it sounded like she was shouting the chorus, which she definitely was. As Paula was adding that it was the wrong choice of song, LaKisha cut her off by snipping, "Ok." I think she's a great singer, but I'm liking her less as time goes on.


Chris claims that he's a southern boy at heart because of where he's from (which I didn't catch, sorry). Uh huh. Is that why he was still doing little runs during Rascal Flatt's "Mayberry"? Man, it was pitchy and whiny – in short, a typical Chris performance. Randy said that he didn't feel a sense of connection or emotion. Simon pretty much ripped Chris apart, saying it was a very nondescript, nasally, tinny vocal. I couldn't agree with you more my friend. Chris retaliated by saying that nasally is a form of singing!! Oh really now?? Is this something he learned at Juliard? Realizing that he's a sinking ship, Chris then made a last-ditch effort to earn votes by doing a shout out to Virginia Tech, explaining that he has some friends there. I suppose he really has friends there, but if his comments were planned, he would have made the shout out before his performance.

Incidentally, I didn't catch this but apparently, Simon rolled his eyes when Chris did his shout out. Someone from the Drudge Report is looking for a screenshot of this. Methinks they want to make a story about Simon not caring about the victims at Virginia Tech. Personally, I think Simon rolled his eyes at Chris's lame attempt to gain some pity votes.


I swear, Sanjaya is getting more smug and arrogant each week. The little brat said he picked Bonnie Raitt's "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About" because he knows a lot of people talk about him and he wanted to give them something to really talk about. He butchered his way through the song. There was no energy in his voice, he was off key most of the time, the notes were everywhere – it was just sloppy as all hell. He seemed like he didn't care because after all, his fans would vote for him no matter what. Randy said that it was like karaoke. Paula said that the vocals were ehhh…but he's still a lovely guy. Simon gutted Sanjaya like he did to Chris, saying it was utterly horrendous.

Suddenly, Ryan butted in and accused Simon of never liking Sanjaya. He then proceeded to grill the other two judges on their negative comments. What the hell? That really pissed me off. I know that Simon is often times too mean and that Ryan sticks up for the contestants, but he went way overboard when he berated Simon for several minutes, then went after Paula and Randy as well. Ryan isn't a producer or a performer. He knows nothing about music and should just shut the hell up. And ugh, of all people, why defend Sanjaya? His head is swelled enough as it is. He has his own universe, remember?

I have a bad feeling that Phil may leave this week, in spite of finally receiving positive remarks from all three judges. It's happened before, and it can happen again. Although Chris was technically worse than him, I think that Chris has more fans that Phil. Of course, my ultimate dream is to finally see Smugjaya go home, but sadly I don't think it's time yet.

Who will go home: Phil

Who should go home: Sanjaya

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  • Ann Cardinal

    Check this out, dawg (how many times does Randy have to say that anyway), you nailed that episode, I totally agree. However I am thinking the bottom three will be Phil, Chris and am I too naive to hope Sanjaya? And that Chris will go home. I am so tired of watching him do his sensitive cow eyed look at the camera.

    And it’s funny, I had been rooting for Lakisha all along, but I’m seeing attitude too. I’m hoping for a showdown of Melinda and Jordin. If Sanjaya makes it to the top three, the show will be ruined for me.

  • Albanesse

    Sanji, seems to be just walking through the songs now. No effort since he is getting votes for no reason. I think Chris will go home and Ryan was a jackass saying that Simon has always hated Sanji… he hates people that dont try.

  • blah

    I think Simon rolled his eyes because Chris made the Virginia Tech comment almost immediately after talking back about his nasal voice. Methinks it irritated him.
    But, hey, what do I know?

    P.S.: SANJAYA HAS THE LOWEST NUMBER OF VOTES ON DIALIDOL!!!…but it’s been wrong a lot this season, so it could be very wrong now.

  • Ann- The bottom 2 will definitely have Phil and Chris. I’m hoping that Sanjaya will join them.

    Albanesse- Ryan was way out of line with what he did. And wow, you’re right about the Dialidol predictions. One can dream.

  • Whoops, sorry blah, the Dialidol comment was meant to be addressed to you.

  • Amrita

    I really don’t think Sanjaya is going anywhere (Smugjaya – ha! but his face did fall a bit when Simon said he was as bad as the auditioneers at the start of the show), so I’m not gonna say anything about him.

    I think Lakisha, Chris and Phil will be bottom three.

    Lakisha coz it was really bad and shrieky in bits, Chris coz I can’t stand him on a good day and his stupid comment about being nasally was so made up on the spot, its not even funny.

    I tried listening to Phil with my eyes shut and for the first time I got what all the guest judges have been raving about. Still won’t keep him out of bottom three.

    The guy who should be in the bottom three and won’t (pity) is Blake who had zero connection to his song. He looked like he was desperate to find something to beatbox about and the choreography was completely out of whack and he didnt look like he understood what he was singing.

    I swear I’ll start a Hate the ChrisBlake Campaign if they do that annoying fratboy handshake this week. ugh. why do i hate so many contestants this year?

  • sean Paul Mahoney

    Well it wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be. Seriously. Lakisha can sing but she has no originality. NONE. I think it will be her and Sanjaya in the bottom two tonight.
    I actually liked Phil’s song and as always Jordin surpirsed and delighted me.

  • Amrita- It’s possible for LaKisha to be in the bottom 3. Technically, she’s almost as good as Melinda, but personality goes a long way, and she’s just radiating too much of the “diva bitch” vibes for people to like her.

    As for Blake, the more I think of it, the more I should have demoted him to a B-. His performance felt so forced. Who knew that country week would be the hardest for him?

    Sean- Jordin is great. Sometimes she sings music that’s a little too old-fashioned for her, but overall she’s so well-rounded that she’d do well in almost any genre. Plus, she’s a sweet girl.

  • Melinda looks like the Funzo doll.

    Simon did roll his eyes. I don’t think it was a knock against VT but he sould be careful since perception is all that matters on TV. Chris (he said he was born in Virginia and raised in NC by the way) was a little, tad cocky there. Take it in buddy. No. Nasal is not a form of singing. Lame.

    As the son of an accomplished tailor I will say this about Ryan: now that’s a mean set of threads he wears.

    Sanjaya. Seriously to all you people who think him to be an inspiration should be nootered and not be allowed to raise children. It has become obvious that he does not work all that hard. Hubris is getting the better of him. And why should he work? People have propped him up and justified his position with all sorts of nonsense. He has not grown one iota. Meanwhile, Jordin – she of similar age – continues to excel.

    Guess who is far more professional and mature? Yet, people will continue to hand votes over to someone with little merit. That was simply debauchery what he did to that song. As I have said before, my fear is that he begins to outlast the better more talented SINGERS.


  • Why did Ryan defend Sanjaya so vehemently, you ask? Because Sanjaya beign on the show is getting them increased ratings, and they want to ride on his ridiculous coattails for as long as possible. This infuriates me to no end, and I cannot wait to see this punk gone. Check out my recap, or sign my petition

  • Okay, I don’t believe it. This is a cruelly dragged out April Fool’s Joke they’re playing on me. I’m going to keep my eyes shut and you tell me – is he gone? IS HE REALLY GONE????

  • WOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    Amrita- I am grinning from ear to ear right now!!!

  • Albanesse

    Reheated leftovers – $6.50
    Tivo charge $8.00
    Sanji crying like a lil girl – Priceless